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[US] Diablo 3: RoS Platinum Modded Save + Characters [CUSA00242]

Download Name: [US] Diablo 3: RoS Platinum Modded Save + Characters [CUSA00242]  

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Submitted By: Sean

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US Download Bulk: Diablo 3 RoS Platinum Modded Save + Characters

1) Batting 500 & Dream Team:

Resign & load up the save, you should be able to complete the quest & also level up your character to 70. Doing this will earn you "Batting 500", & "Dream Team".

2) Modded Save w/ Good Stats:

Resign & load up the save & you'll find your characters with REALLY good paragon levels about 1350 for Core, & 1370 for HC. All the characters have really good level but almost no weapons. It says the data is corrupted but its fine.

3) Modded Platinum Save + Good Characters + High Paragon:

Core Paragon: 762
HC: 12

This one was where I earned the platinum trophy on & got me a couple Necromancer DLC trophies as well. There is 1 HC Character but thats okay he has modded gear & won't be injured. There are two other important Core Characters here: Mzstlaw & Vladamir.

Since I main with Mzstlaw, so, I'll talk about him. He has 12 billion damage w/ 87,935% increased by Intelligence. Life per second is 160,000.00, so he's pretty good. His gear has two rings on it which help you a TON, the top one of them has a forcefield that when you attack it is activated. It's literally almost impenetrable, & so in short the first is for Intelligence & shield, the second is great for damage ranging about 1 Billion.

IMPORTANT: All of your items will increase something thats either, Intelligence, Critical Hit %, or Damage. Make sure when scraping things you mark it as junk. Because you may accidentally scrap something you don't currently have equipped. DO NOT, ever store your stuff in the Armory. It will remove almost everything & make it useless.
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