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Memory Card Save File - Soul Calibur II, Soul Calibur III, Tekken 4,5

Download Name: Memory Card Save File - Soul Calibur II, Soul Calibur III, Tekken 4,5 and more  

Category: PlayStation 2 PS2 Memory Card Save Files (Emulator)

Submitted By: Sean

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This file contains memory card file for epsxe and pcsx2 which contains save file compilations for multiple games in one memory card and full playthrough save files that covers an entire game mostly for rpg games.

all save files are compatible for ntsc uc/us region games

PCSX2 Save File Collection Memory Card 1

1. Final Fantasy XII - Start at the rogue tomato hunt chapter with all Weapons, Armor and Accessories - NTSC UC

2. Final Fantasy X-2 - Start at the first save point with all items, key items, dresspheres, dressphere grids, and accessories.
No Max Stat added - NTSC UC

3. Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 - Start a new game with courage, knowledge, diligence, expression, and understanding at
max. All personas completed 100% at the compendium book - NTSC UC

4. Tekken 4 - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

5. Tekken 5 - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

6. Soul Calibur II - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

7. Soul Calibur III - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

8. Fate Unlimited Codes - Everything Unlocked - NTSC J

9. Street Fighter EX3 - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

10. Marvel vs Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

11. Onimusha 2 - Samurai Destiny - All Secrets Unlocked - NTSC UC

12. Haunting Ground - Everything Unlocked - PAL

13. Resident Evil 4 - Infinite Rocket Launcher,Infinite Handcannon, Infinite Chicago Typewriter, and P.R.L in briefcase, Max
Ptas, all secrets and modes unlocked - PAL

14. Rumble Roses - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

15. Clock Tower 3 - Everything Unlocked, Theater Mode, All costumes - NTSC UC

16. Battle Assault 3 Featuring Gundam Seed - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

17. Melty Blood Actress Again - Everything Unlocked - NTSC J

18. Silent Hill 3 - Start at the first save point with all items and weapons in normal mode - NTSC UC

19. Silent Hill Origins - Start a new game with all secret weapons unlocked. - NTSC UC

20. Smack Down VS RAW 2006 - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC
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Thanks for uploading. I'll definitely be revisiting Smackdown Vs Raw 2006, so many good memories