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[US] Pillars of Eternity Save Set [CUSA06915]

Download Name: [US] Pillars of Eternity Save Set [CUSA06915]  

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Submitted By: Sean

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SAVE Pack 01

01 tigermark182 - Aedelwan bridge
[Completed Act 1] - Go through the big gates, will pop on loading screen

02 tigermark182 - Dyrford Village
[The Watcher With Eight Friends] - Talk to grieving mother and recruit her

03 Seren - Heritage Hill
[Alchemist] - Create 3 DIFFERENT potions
[Scribe] - Create 3 DIFFERENT scrolls
[Chef] - Creat 5 DIFFERENT food
[Enchanter] - apply 5 DIFFERENT enchants to weapons, you will need to apply to more than one weapon.
[Trappy] - R2 radial menu quick items,trap
[Disposition] - Speak to guards, use MIGHT option in dialogue
[5 Upgrades in Stronghold] - L2 radial menu, camp, rest.

04 tigermark182 Hadret House
[Completed Act 2] - speak to purple spirit, exhaust dialogue

05 tigermark182 Burial Isle
[Completed Act 3] - Jump in pit

06 tigermark182 Sun in Shadow
[Won Game] - Use the machine, return souls to bodies. exhaust dialogue
[Relative Pacifism] - Use the machine, return souls to bodies. exhaust dialogue
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