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[US+EU] Terraria Modded Save

Download Name: [US+EU] Terraria Modded Save  

Category: PlayStation 4 Downloads PS4 Modded Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 99.91 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Save Includes:
-EVERY Item in the game.
-Every Item has the best Prefix Possible.
-Modded Character setup for Minions.
-Modded Character setup for Defense.
-Modded Character setup for Damage.
-World with every item and NPC's (Should provide trophy for all NPC's and hallowed world).
-World with most slimes (For the Slimer Trophy).
-World with 5 of every boss (Just for fun).

-Back for Seconds - Instantly Obtained.
-Exterminator - Instantly Obtained.
-Be Prepared - Instantly Obtained.
-Vanity of Vanities - Instantly Obtained.
-Hallowed Be Thy Name - Instantly Obtained.
-All in the Family - Relocate Any NPC.
-Home Sweet Home - Relocate the Guide.
-Leap a tall building in a single bound - Jump Really High.
-Airtime! - Fly Around.
-Icarus - Fly to the Sky
-Gone in 60 Seconds - Head to the Farthest Corner of the All Item World and Run to the Other Side.
-To Hell and Back - Fall to the Bottom of the World and Fly back up.
-Hellevator - Fall to the Very Bottom of the World.
-Rock Bottom - Fall to the Very Bottom of the World.
-Bona Fide - Play Through the Boss Challenge World.
-Ride the Worm - Play Through the Boss Challenge World.
-Ophthalmologist - Play Through the Boss Challenge World.
-Corruptible - Grab a Clentaminator with Purple Solution and Spray the Left + Right Sides of the All Item World.
Rest of the Trophies should be easily obtainable.
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only getting the all slimes world can you help? (us version)


not complete missing some stuff