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Download Name: [EU 5.00] FINAL FANTASY IX (SAVE-SET)  

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Submitted By: Grogu

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Item description:

This is a save-set with re-regioned saves I gathered and organized from another post.
I did not test theses saves and did it by request, also the guides were not made by me.
The credit for the original post goes to BubbaDaBarb

This is the recommended order and guide for the trophies:
1 - TRACK STAR (Obtain Athlete Queen)
You should only have to win one more race to snag the Athlete Queen item and its
accompanying trophy Track Star!
2 - IT'S ALL IN THE CARD III (Win 100 Tetra Master matches. (Certain NPCs can be
re-challenged to increase your win count after progressing through the game.)
Load up this save, step outside, and challenge Tom (The kid in to the right)
and win to get It's All In the Cards III. (For the sake of legitimacy you might want to
get the one for winning ten matches out of the way first if you haven't already.
Remember that they need to be different NPCs.)
Can also be gotten with this save after progressing in the story a little, you have to win nine times at their
shuffle game back to back. I suggest clearing the first few and when the difficulty
ramps take out a phone or a means of recording the shuffle, send it to your pc, and
slow it down to see the right choice. It's a bit irritating but not difficult this way.
3 - MY LITTLE AIRSHIP (Obtain a miniature copy of the Prima Vista.)
Just take the coffee beans to Morrid and earn yourself a mini-airship and a trophy.
4 - FOLLOW YOUR NOSE (Raise your chocobo's beak level to 99.)
Just head to the lagoon and play a few rounds of hot and cold to level up your
chocobo's beak to 99.
5 - THE ULTIMATE RACKET (Obtain the Tiger Racket.)
Go inside of Quan's Dwelling and walk all the way to the fishing area at the back end
and inspect the cliff. Use a dead pepper on the sea foam when prompted to get the
Tiger Racket and its trophy.
6 - THE ULTIMATE ROD (Obtain the Whale Whisker.)
For this one you'll need to use the chocobo to find the treasure selected
(One simply named "Ocean").
It's just west of the small island you're on but it's still a bit difficult to find.
It might not be a bad idea to look up a short video on it if the location is
giving you trouble. Once you find the treasure you'll receive the Whale Whisker
rod and its associated trophy.
7 - MISTER NICE GUY (Gain the favor of all friendly enemies.)
Load up this save and wander the forest until you encounter a friendly Yan.
Give it a diamond and you'll earn your trophy for befriending all the critters.
8 - DIGGIN' IT (Locate all hidden treasures on the world map.)
Hop on your chocobo and dig up the last treasure around the backside of the mountain
to get your Digging It trophy.
9 - PATH OF THE SAMURAI (Obtain the complete set of Genji armor.)
Load up the save and hop on your chocobo. Find the crack in the mountain in front of
you and use a dead pepper on it to snag the last piece of Genji gear and a brand new trophy.
10 - EARNING THE QUEEN'S FAVOR (Receive 10 rewards from Queen Stella.)
Head into Treno and trade Queen Stella your tenth Stellazzio coin to get a nifty reward
and a new trophy.
11 - ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE (Receive certification as a Rank S Treasure Hunter.)
Talk to the four armed man to have him judge your treasure hunting rank (to great effect)
and enjoy your new trophy.
12 - BEATING THE RAGTIME BLUES (Correctly answer all the questions in Ragtime Mouse's pop quiz.)
For this one you'll only need to run across the Ragtime Mouse one last time to hear you got
100% of the questions correct and earn the trophy. He can be found in any forest and it helps
to quickly tap the d-pad as you walk to look for him without getting into other random battles.
13 - END OF THE ROAD (Attain level 99 with at least one character.)
With a little help from Save Wizard this one became much less time consuming.
Just fight one battle and Zidane will hit level 99 instantly and the trophy is yours.
14 - THE ULTIMATE DUAL BLADE (Obtain the Ultima Weapon.)
Hop on your chocobo and go south to where the shimmering island used to be.
Once you're on top of where the island was (There are no bubbles to indicate the treasure
location.) use a dead pepper to get the Ultima Weapon and a brand new trophy.
15 - DRAGON LADY (Defeat Behemoth in the Treno weapon shop using Dagger.)
Step inside of the weapon shop and ask to fight the monster. Choose Garnet (Dagger)
and kill the behemoth to earn a shiny new trophy.
16 - WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? (Obtain the Hammer.)
Head on into Treno and pay Queen Stella another visit. Trade her all your coins to
receive Cinna's Hammer and the trophy for finishing the quest.
17 - DRIVING THE HARD BARGAIN (Purchase all items available from Stiltzkin.)
For this one load up the save and talk to our moogle merchant, Stiltzkin.
Talk to him until you buy his last item pack to earn a trophy for your patronage.
18 - SWORD OF KINGS (Obtain the sacred blade Excalibur.)
Head inside of Daguerreo and look for an old man on the top floor. Speak to him and
offer him the magical fingertip to hear his mournful tale and receive the Excalibur and its trophy.
19 - TO OZMA AND BACK (Defeat Ozma.)
Here's a big one. You're basically going after this game's strongest optional boss
(one that I never managed to beat in any of my old playthroughs) so go prepared.
Equip things that mitigate shadow damage and be sure to take along some healers and a
couple of tanky characters and focus on keeping the party in shell and protect.
Both the damage booster and battle assist from the pause menu are a huge help here but
absolutely DO NOT use the speed booster. YOU WILL DIE. You can find the boss in the chocobo's
air garden at a sort of shrine in the top left corner. Find it on the map and use a dead pepper
to go to the garden itself. The game will allow you to switch party members and equipment before
you challenge the boss, so use who you're most comfortable with and good luck.
20 - BEACH BUM (Visit every beach in Gaia.)
Just walk up to the beach close to you and hit circle to finish purifying all the beaches
in Gaia and earn a trophy.
21 - WELL LUBRICATED (Visit every beach in Gaia.)
For this one you're going to want to leave the steeple and head to the mini theater.
Talk to Ruby there and she'll give you a bottle of her hair care product, Superslick and the trophy.
22 - BACK ONLINE (Repair the machine at Mognet Central.)
Head inside of Mognet Central and look for a dark purple moogle on the second floor
named Artimecion. Hand over your bottle of Superslick and you'll get a trophy for fixing
the moogle's postal service.
23 - CRACKING THE CODE (Uncover the secret of the Eidolon Wall.)
Step inside of Madain Sari and visit the Eidolon Wall.
You'll see it's looking a little different than your earlier visits.
This one is kinda hard to explain but basically you want to walk clockwise around
the room until you hear a chime then counterclockwise until you hear a chime, then
clockwise, then counterclockwise, etc. Do so interchangeably until you get the message
that all your HP and MP are restored. Now take a look at all the murals.
Eventually you'll find a note in front of Ifrit's mural detailing Garnet's true name
and earning you a trophy.
24 - A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH (Have a single character affected by all status ailments
(both beneficial and detrimental).)
Start any random battle and use auto life zidane.
25 - FROG WRANGLER (Successfully catch 99 frogs.)
THE ULTIMATE FORK (Obtain the Gastro Fork.)
Step on into the Qu's Marsh nearest you and catch your 99th frog to earn ypur frog
wrangling trophy and defeat master Quale afterwards to net Quina's ultimate weapon,
the Gastro Fork, and another trophy.
26 - KAIN'S LEGAZY (Obtain Kain's Lance.)
CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR (Obtain the Tower.)
Starting out go left from the save point into a hidden alcove to find Kain's Lance.
Moving forward past the pendulum room you'll be climbing a set of stairs.
Near the top move toward the screen and yourself to find The Tower (Zidane's second
best weapon if you were curious about the trophy name).
27 - THE ULTIMATE FLUTE (Obtain the Angel Flute.)
THE ULTIMATE CLAWS (Obtain the Rune Claws.)
Directly to the left of where you begin on the opposite side of the platform you'll
find Eiko's ultimate weapon, the Angel Flute. Proceed right and a few screens in
you'll be met with a giant red eye in the sky that you can climb stairs into.
Instead of doing that look to your left and hidden behind a pillar will be Armarant's
ultimate weapon, the Rune Claws.
28 - THE ULTIMATE MACE (Obtain the Mace of Zeus.)
THE ULTIMATE SWORD (Obtain Excalibur II.)
Start by heading toward the screen and down the ladder in the next room.
Once you reach the platform look in the leftmost corner to find Vivi's ultimate weapon,
the Mace of Zeus. Next proceed up the ladder you just went down and in the next room
look in the rightmost corner for a humorous message from Enkidu and the fabled Excalibur II.
Proceed onward to fight the final series of bosses and enjoy the complete ending
courtesy of my holding onto Cinna's hammer and having Hades make the Save the Queen.
30 - YOUR LUCKY DAY (Receive a Very Good Omen from a color fortune.)
This is a save at the Dali Inn. Just go to the room above you and look on the left side
of said room for a color fortune teller. Pull fortuns from it until you receive a very
good omen and the trophy is yours.
31 - OUT OF HARM'S WAY (Guide all the residents of Cleyra to safety.)
First go left and up the steps. During the invasion you'll have to give specific orders
to the townsfolk if you're to earn this trophy and they're as follows. Head to the right,
Let's go to the left, Head to the right, and No, we're not safe yet in that order and
you'll earn the trophy once you're able to talk to the people you saved again.
32 - A-HUNTING WE WILL GO (Win with Vivi during the Festival of the Hunt.)
Here is a save for Win with Vivi during the Festival of the Hunt its right before the
Festival just go an kill monsters till the clock is at 4:30 in the business district over
by the synthesis shop is where the beast will show then just have Zidane and Freya take
themselves out-
33 - MOVIE CRITIC (View 79 Active Time Events.)
Change the height to 0 and check all three possibly entrances to the
elevator (you'll get knocked back by a forced field).
Now return to the control room and exit to the elevator room , this ATE will be activated
34 - OVER THE MOON (Obtain 4 moonstones.)
All you need to do is buy the items from Stiltzkin.
35 - PEEK-A-BOO (Free Kuppo from a wall in Fossil Roo.)
Continue game and you are in the area necessary for the two trophys, give the NPC
a potion in order to dig, and dig the rubble wall.
THE ONE RING (Obtain Madain's Ring via mining.)
Then dig the pillar and once you've found 4 items around the pillar, if you havent
found the ring walk out of the area and walk and walk back in to reset the items.
Repeat till you get it.
36 - BLOODLUST (Defeat 10000 enemies.)
Start any random battle and win to pop the trophy.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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