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[EU 5.05] Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (All online + a few misc trophies)

Download Name: [EU 5.05] Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (All online + a few misc trophies)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Play one battle in any mode. The quickest would be a sparring match with AI set to None. Win or lose, it does not matter. During the results screen you will get the following:

Sparking the Flame - Won ten ranked matches.
The Gloves Are Off - Won one hundred ranked matches.
Hardened Veteran - Won three hundred ranked matches.

The "Me" in Team - Defeated three opponents by yourself in a single ranked match fifteen times.
Not a Scratch - Won thirty ranked matches without taking HP damage.
In the Nick of Time - Interrupted five enemy attacks in a single ranked match thirty times.
Rock 'n' Roll - Destroyed fifty summoning cores by yourself in ranked matches.
One-Hit Wonder - Defeated an enemy at max HP with a single attack fifty times in ranked matches.

Also, you will get the character trophy for winning three matches with A++. You need to repeat that process for every character but with the stationary AIs should not take long and you won't have to go online at all. That covers all online trophies.

Now, go back to the mode selection and you will unlock automatically:

Ten to the Designation - Obtained ten titles within the game.
An Alias for All Occasions - Obtained fifty titles within the game.
Decked Out - Obtained all the EX skills and summons.

Go to the story map and to the summon battles. Defeat any of the summons on NORMAL difficulty and when you get back to the map screen you will unlock:

Guardian of Divine Will - Defeated all the summons and Shinryu on Hard difficulty.

There are a few treasures so open one and you will get:

Treasure Hunter - Claimed treasure one hundred times.

I have applied the cheat for the treasures. You need to open manually about 150 more treasures to get the trophy for 300 treasures as well.

What you CANNOT get with this save:

Story related trophies. Since the game registers when you open a memory and they are all opened, you have to do that yourself on a new save, thus playing all battles until you reach the last one. You do not have to beat it but still must open it. If someone provides a save before the last memory, we can test it to see if that will unlock all.
Trial battles - those must be done legit. The five story trials are not hard at all, I have done them as can be seen from the unlocked hard version. The summon trial is also done but again, it must be done legit.
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Question, if I use this file on my account "that has over 1k wins, certain online titles, 1k hours played yada yada", I just lose all that?
I only need few of the A++ trophies due of unable to get A++ on certain characters since Diamond Bots are just outright cheaters.

I have backed up my main save to PS+, HDD AND in different folder but I don't know does it save certain stuff.