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Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness - PS4 Game Save

Download Name: Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness - PS4 Game Save  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

with this save at any time do one of the foillowing and get the trophy

- Call for Backup Activate a reserve rush.
- Right back Atchya Make a riposte
- My Reaction When Use an emote during a cutscene
- Please Be Gentle Create an item. /! DOING THIS WILL ALSO GIVE YOU The trophy corresponding to the type of craft
- Successor to the Vineyard Throne Unlock all item creation recipes
- Apothecary Extraordinaire Create the most valuable medicinal item.
- Culinary Virtuoso Create the most valuable edible item.
- Alchemical Artisan Create the most precious metal.
- Nature's Blessing Create the most valuable naturally-occurring item.
- Seeker of Sorcerous Knowledge Create the most valuable sorcerous item.
- Master Machinist Create the most valuable mechanical item.
- Learn From Your Mistakes Create an item that you shouldn't. if you failed to do this I recommend using this combination 1 Ruby + 1 Blue Roses + 1 Alchemist's Water + 1 Velvet Ribbon + 2 Diffusion Device.

Now just go to the battle skill menu then the role menu and after few sec both trophies will pop test it on second account
but i had to reload the save to make the Full arsenal pop don't know why :/

- Full Arsenal Obtain all battle skills and signeturgical spells.
- Hail to the Chief Obtain the vast majority of the roles.

Now use an item or create one and both will pop
- Item Identifier Catalogue half of the items.
- Compendium Completionist Catalogue every item.

Killing any foe will give you
- Biology Buff Encounter half of the enemies
- Boss of the Bestiary Encounter every enemy.

**** Load the Universe difficulty save (3 stars), this is the last save point open the menu and use potion 256 on the character you want the end then just go forward and kill the boss easy peasy
- Universally Renowned Beat the game on Universe difficulty
- Together Forever View Miki's ending.
- His Will Lives On View Victor's ending.
- Straightened Priorities View Fiore's ending.
- Traverse the Stars View Emmerson's ending.
- All Alone with Anne View Anne's ending.
- Relia Finds Happiness View Relia's ending.

**** Load the Universe difficulty save again and go back to the ship, from there teleport to the Maze and Go fight them with my team it's a breeze even with 6 wings EQ my 4 year old daughter roasted her .
- Archnemesis of the Heavens Defeat Gabriel Celeste.
- Slayer of Divine Beings Defeat Ethereal Queen.

On the Road Fight and Flee to get
- He Who Runs Away Lives to Fight Another Day Flee from a battle
- Supernal Aspirations Ascend to level 255.

**** Start a ng+
- The Legend Begins Start a second playthrough
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