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Resogun PS4 Gamesave

Download Name: Resogun PS4 Gamesave  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

1000 Humans Saved: Save 1 human
Rank 30, 40, and 50: Gain a little more CP by completing a challenge or feat that isn't done.
50 feats and 100 feats: Complete 1 feat that isn't done.
3 difficulty trophies, complete all levels trophy, and complete Mefitis trophy: Beat the last level on Veteran
3 challenge medal trophies: Get Gold on any challenge even one that is already done
(4 trophies)completing the game with a specific ship: These may pop if you replay the last level with each ship (only thing I didn't test)
(3 trophies)Savior, Humanist, and Save All Humans on X Level: Pick any level and save all humans (Please note that if you want the other save human trophies they need to be done legit.)

The rest of the trophies need to be done legit. Highly recommend using the custom ship I made that is super small since its only 1 cube. This makes it extremely hard to get hit and die. You should be able to get all trophies including all DLC within 4 hours.
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