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Akiba's Trip - PS4 Game Save

Download Name: Akiba's Trip - PS4 Game Save  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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With this save just beat the game and you will get "The Sun In Her Sky", "Stayed The Course", "Gamer", and "Living Embodiment of Her Happiness". You should be able to pop a lot more trophies as well by just playing around and tearing the clothes off of bad guys. CUSA1166

With this save here you can get "High King of Undressing", "Your Idol Alone", and "Game Otaku". Just continue down the Rin route and beat the game. You can probably pop other trophies as well while playing around with this game save. CUSA1166(2)

This is save #3. With this save you will get "The Next Great Stage" trophy. Just stick to Shion's route and you will get this trophy. Again, if you play around with this save you will be able to pop various battle and collection trophies. CUSA1166(3)

This is save #4. Use this save last after you've used the first three saves and got all the trophies from them. With this save you will get "The Warmth You Share", and "The Final Curtain Falls". If you've received all of the other trophies so far, you will get the platinum trophy as well. CUSA*1166(4)
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