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Black Ops 2 Trainer Updated

Download Name: Black Ops 2 Trainer Updated  

Category: Xbox 360 Trainers

Submitted By: Sean

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 TU17
Activate Trainer

Start+Dpad up or back+Dpad up

Trainer Codes

Dpad Up(x4) - Activate All SP Codes

Dpad Left(x4) - Zombie Blood

Dpad Right(x4) - Activate All Zombie Codes

Dpad Down(x4) - View All Codes

RT(x4) - Inf Health

RT(x3)+LT - Inf Health Zombies

LT(x4) - Inf Ammo

LT(x3)+RT - Inf Ammo Zombie/MP

RB(x4) - Inf Kill Streaks (Removed)

LB(x4) - Super Jump + No Fall Damage

LB(x3)+RB - Super Speed
Y(x4) - Max Zombie Cash

Quick Launch Zombies
A+Dpad Up - Wind Staff (MP = NULL)
A+Dpad Left - Ice Staff (MP = dual five seven's)
A+Dpad Right - Fire Staff (MP = dual tac-45)

A+Dpad Down - Lightning Staff (MP = NULL)
X+Dpad Up - Ray Gun (MP = DSR 50)
X+Dpad Left - Ray Gun Mark 2 (MP = Ballista)
X+Dpad Right - Porters Mark 2 Ray Gun (MP = XPR 50)

X+Dpad Down - Porters X2 Ray Gun (MP = dual KAP 40)

Download It

Extract it

Transfer To your Xbox via your usual method

Boot Trainer_Loader.xex

Boot Black Ops 2

Press Start+Dpad up or back+Dpad up

Activate Your Cheats
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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