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MW3 Godmode Campaign saves

Download Name: MW3 Godmode Campaign saves  

Category: Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Modern Warfare 3 Godmode saves

MW3 Godmode Act 1 Veteran Save Set
1. Black Tuesday
2. Hunter Killer
3. Persona Non Grata
4. Turbulence
5. Back on the Grid
6. Mind the Gap
MW3 Godmode Act 2 Veteran Save Set
1. Goalpost
2. Return To Sender
3. Bag & Drag
4. Iron Lady
5. Eye of the Storm
6. Blood Brothers
MW3 Godmode Act 3 Veteran Save Set
1. Stronghold
2. Scorched Earth
3. Down the Rabbit Hole
4. Dust to Dust
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"MW3 Godmode Campaign saves" :: Login/Create an Account :: 27 comments

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these saves work fine but i cant get the achievements to work. i no there done on veteran as my percentage on game is goin up but getting no achievements can any1 help


how do i get the saves on my xbox


The saves work great, but some turn god mode off after some cut scenes, but if you're not that bad you will be able to beat the levels.


How did you get it to work from act 2 onwards ,, i got it working perfectly for act 1 , did the same thing on act 2 and it loaded it up in recruit ,, HELP PLEASE :)


doesnt work for the last mission??? can someone help


okay, i figured it out before you posted that but thank you very much for trying to help. NEW PROBLEM, on MIND THE GAP after the train wrecks the godmode turns off, has anyone figured a way around this??


ballyou1 play the prologue on veteran and it should unlock , i had the same problem do i did the prologue , then presto the achievement unlocked :), but on topic i cant get from act 2 game saves to work everytime i load it up its on recruit :/


okay, so this definitely works... no doubt about that.. but i just completed black tuesday and hunter killer on Veteran (using these gamesaves) and i DID NOT recieve the achievement "The Big Apple". So.. whats the problem here? Has anyone recieved the Veteran Achievements for MW3 using this godmode gamesave set? if not... WTF IS THE POINT? please get back to me ASAP..


after the truck wrecks in mind the gap god mode goes off????? plz help


im confused the saves worked for me up until the fifth mission and then it doesnt load on veteran anymore is there something im doing wrong if anyone knows whats wrong or is also having this problem please let me know.