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[EU] Fallout 4 - Progress Save - No DLC's (CUSA02962)

Download Name: [EU] Fallout 4 - Progress Save - No DLC's (CUSA02962)  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: DefReaper

Submitted By: DefReaper

Date Added:

Version: (CUSA02962)

File Size: 27.07 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 14

Views: 343

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Item description:

This is a [EU] Fallout 4 save without Dlc's on (CUSA02962) version

This Progress save has too Gamesaves contained, Manual Save 18 (Eureka) and a *Manual Save 2b (Benevolent Leader Trophy)!

Searched alot in internet and Ps4 Save sites to find a working or a good progress save and failed. Hope i can help with my own one out!

Use 'Eureka', Save Slot '80' for these Trophy's [Manual Save 18]:

- 'Mankind-Redefined' by talking to The Father in front of you.

Also u can still decide for the Brotherhood, RailRoad and the MinuteMen Ending Trophies.:

- 'Powering Up' and 'Nuclear Family' if u agree with the Institute! (only)

- 'Blind Betrayal' i think is if u go only with the RailRoad (Desdemona Mission's) by Continue neutral to Institute and the mission 'Underground Undercover' forward from here now on.

- 'Ad Victoriam' ...well i am not tested it, but talk to the Brotherhood's Leader Maxson or his Servents at the Prydwen Ship.

...and getting addicionaly:

- 'The Nuclear Option' if u against the Institut (with Minutemen)
- 'Prepared for the Future', if u decide some Faction Site
- Still u can do the 10x and 20x Bubblehead Trophy.
Here is a link of the missing Bubbleheads u need to search for
(just watch the Pip Wristgear under Misc whut kind of Bubbleheads are missing). Just go under the Description of this Video to find the rest of them. (Vault 81, Medicine Bubblehead, go to the doctor and give ur blood, wait a day and continue [troubled me])
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- Do couple of Misc Mission to get the 'Mercenary' Trophy (AtomCat's, Piper (the Reporter Girl from Diamant City) or Settlers)

- Craft 100 Items are possible at Coocking Station at Sanctuary for the 'Wasteland D.I.Y.' trophy

- 'RobCo's Worst Nightmare' by hacking Terminals
*- I added a Save in it, where u need to sleep 3-4 times in afront of u in a bed to get the 'Benevolent Leader' trophy.
(Did thad, cause i tryed 4-5 Gamesaves they didnt work, but this on is working!) [Manual Save 2b]
Try more out of ur Trophy list to test (like Locations u found to research a nother one to get the Ranger Corps trophy, or find a nother Magazin, do the Homerun Trophy to nuke ur self...etc)

I hope i can help! (sorry4my bad english).

R.I.P. DefRekka (PSN and Ytube)
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