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(EU) - GTA San Andreas (PS4) 100% Trophy + Others

Download Name: (EU) - GTA San Andreas (PS4) 100% Trophy + Others  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Jon

Submitted By: PlatinumChaser

Date Added:

Version: EU

File Size: 11.78 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 4

Downloads: 216

Views: 2,955

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Item description:

Ok guys today l am bringing you Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 100% Game Save for the PS4. This is the Physical disc version. this is a Multiple trophy save set. everything has been saved onto Slot 1. dont load the autosave, most of the work has been done through the manual Save. so when you bootup the game dont select Resume. select Load game. and load Save 1. This is also a Platinum Save file. everything required for Platinum was completed on this single save. Using this save will unlock the following Trophies

A Legitimate Business - Export all 3 car lists.
Swiss Army Strife - Max out all weapon skills.
What the city needs - Complete Vigilante level 12.
Not a Player - Go on one date with every girlfriend.
Chick Magnet - Achieve Maximum sex appeal.
Aint Nothing but a G Thang - own all gang turfs, properties and have over 1000,000.
End Of The Line - Finish the game.
Remastered - Achieve 100% completion.
Here we go again - Start a New game, after getting 100% on a save file.

Plus you can get the other trophies by doing them again. like reach 6 wanted stars, and doing the betting trophies and using a pay n spray with a wanted level etcetc.

for the other trophies l listed l will start with the first one l mentioned. to get export all 3 vehicle lists l have already delivered ALL of the vehicles to the dock side crane EXCEPT for the last one. The Euros vehicle is the only one left. you can either get the Euros vehicle from Camel Toe located under the Sphinx in Las Vantures. OR you can use the Euro that l have parked in the MAIN garage in Dorothy in San Fierro. simply take the Euros vehice to the dock side crane and once you export that vehice the Legitimate Business Trophy will pop for delivering ALL vehices for export.

For Swiss Army Strife max out all weapons l have already maxed out ALL the weapons EXCEPT for one of them. the only one left to max out is the M4, which l have already gotten to 90% out of 100%. so just buy the M4 and complete the last 10%, and the trophy will pop for maxing out all the weapons.

for Vigilante complete level 12. l left that trophy because it is very very easy to do this one using the Hunter Attack Helicopter (Brown Thunder) and you unlock that by getting a Gold medal in Every challenge at the flight school. and l have already earned a Gold Medal in every type of vehicle school. so the Hunter is Unlocked and ready to use. its located at the abandoned AirStrip near Las Vantures. so simply use the Hunter and do the side mission Brown Thunder and complete level 12, and the trophy will pop for What this city Needs for completing Vigilante Level 12.

For Not a Player, go on at least one date with EVERY potential girlfriend. there are 6 girlfriends in the game. l have already dated 5 of them. You only have to go on one date with Katie. and she is located at the bottom part of the Park in San Fierro. go there and ask her out on a date and select accept when she asks you out. then simply take her out on a date, and when you go to her house to pick her up, the trophy will pop right there for going on a date with every girlfriend in the game.

For Chick Magnet reach Maximum Sex appeal, l am already wearing the most expensive clothes and tattoos and body toned to the max etcetc so my sex appeal is already at the Max 50% just get into any undamaged sports car and that will take you to 100% sex appeal. l have stored a Banshee in the garage beside the Euros in the garage in San Fierro in Dorothy. use that or use a different sports car if you like and the Chick Magnet Trophy will pop.

For the Aint Nothing but a G Thang Trophy. you need to take over ALL 30 Gang turfs, own all properties and have $1000,000,000. l have already captured 29/30 Gang turfs. l own ALL the properties, and l have 113,000,000. So all you need to do is complete the very last gang turf and the Trophy will pop. the Trophy MIGHT pop after completing wave 2 like it did for me. for some reason l didnt have to complete wave 3 for the trophy to pop.

For End of the Line. nothing special here, just finish the final mission in the game. its already saved at the final mission. just go to Sweets house and start the final mission. it is ALOT easier to finish it because CJ is fire proof. since l already completed the firetruck missions, CJ is now fire proof.So on the final mission DONT worry about using the Fire extinguisher to put out the flames. you can just run through the flames. so finish that final mission and the Trophy End of the Line will pop.

And for Remastered Earn 100% completion simply complete the final tasks l have mentioned here. wont take long at all and the 100% completion trophy will pop since everything else has been completed.

And for here we go again start a new game after getting 100% on a save file. once you have the 100% completion trophy. just go save the game and then start a NEW game and the Trophy will pop on the load screen.

This is also the EU Version of the game. if you are outside the EU Region you will NEED to Re-Region my game save to be able to use it. and OBVIOUSLY you will need to Resign my game save data to be able to use it as your own. if you are new to using other peoples game save data and dont know how to Resign game save data simply look up a tutorial on Youtube for Save Wizard or BruteForce.

Thats it Enjoy.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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Not a Chance


"(EU) - GTA San Andreas (PS4) 100% Trophy + Others" :: Login/Create an Account :: 4 comments

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ALSO Note my Save file is uploaded in RAR format. l use RAR because l resign my game save data through USB so using RAR or ZIP doesnt matter. HOWEVER if you download my save and try and import it directly to SaveWizard it will NOT work. because Importing DOES NOT work with RAR files.

So what you want to do is

1 - Download my file.
2 - Extract the contents to the desktop or something.
3 - RE - ZIP it back up using Winzip

NOW you can Import that Zip file directly to Save Wizard and it will work.


l cant change the headline to say Definitive version.



l forgot to mention in the headline this is also the DEFINITIVE EDITION VERSION


Ibrahim111 gta san andreas its not on ps store

As l said in the description this Save Data is from the Physical disc version from the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy. So to use this save you have to have the Physical disc version of the definitive Edition. and then you need to Resign it for it to work on your PS4. and this is also the EU version. so if you are not in the EU Region you would have to Re-Region the save file to.


gta san andreas its not on ps store