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(EU) - GTA 3 Definitive Edition 100% Trophy + Others

Download Name: (EU) - GTA 3 Definitive Edition 100% Trophy + Others  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Jon

Submitted By: PlatinumChaser

Date Added:

Version: EU

File Size: 8.90 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 4

Downloads: 199

Views: 2,822

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Item description:

Ok so today l am Bringing you Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition Trophy Game Save set. you will be able to get 4 Trophies with this save.

Man Toys - All 4 RC Missions
Wheels up - Complete All Stunt Jumps
Liberty City Secrets - find All Hidden Packages
Is that all you Got? - Achieve 100% Completion

l have saved it with
99/100 Hidden Packages collected.
19/20 Stunt Jumps done
3/4 RC Missions completed.

l have included a photo aswell that shows the location of the last Stunt Jump, Hidden Package and RC Mission. after you do each of those, the trophy will pop for each one. and after you have done the last Stunt Jump, RC Mission and last hidden package the 100% completion trophy will also pop.

This is also the EU version. l decided to upload my own save of this since there are NO EU versions anywhere l can find. only US and PC versions.

This is the EU PS4 disc version of Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition. Also note you cant just copy someone elses game save an use it as your own. you NEED to resign someone elses game save to use it as your own. if you dont know HOW to Resign game save data simply look up a Tutorial on Youtube for Save Wizard or BruteForce.

Thats it Enjoy
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Not a Chance


"(EU) - GTA 3 Definitive Edition 100% Trophy + Others" :: Login/Create an Account :: 4 comments

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ALSO Note my Save file is uploaded in RAR format. l use RAR because l resign my game save data through USB so using RAR or ZIP doesnt matter. HOWEVER if you download my save and try and import it directly to SaveWizard it will NOT work. because Importing DOES NOT work with RAR files.

So what you want to do is

1 - Download my file.
2 - Extract the contents to the desktop or something.
3 - RE - ZIP it back up using Winzip

NOW you can Import that Zip file directly to Save Wizard and it will work.


Vzpiz Bro Thank you very much can you upload the US version?!

Sorry bro im in the EU Region, so my save wont work in the USA Region. HOWEVER if you use Brute Force or Save Wizard look up a tutorial on Youtube to see HOW you can Re-Region game save data. doing that you will be able to change the Region from EU to USA.

This guide will show you HOW to Re-Region my save data FROM EU region TO your USA Region using Save Wizard.

And this Tutorial video will show you HOW to Re-Region save data from my EU Region to YOUR USA Region using BruteForce


Bro Thank you very much can you upload the US version?!


Also Note this is a Platinum save set. EVERYTHING on this save file after you complete those few remaining tasks for the 100% completion Trophy, everything else has been done. so the other trophies may or may not pop aswell, since this save set is completed with everything required to get the Platinum.