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(EU) - The Last Of Us Part 2 - PS4 - Grounded Mode + Permadeath

Download Name: (EU) - The Last Of Us Part 2 - PS4 - Grounded Mode + Permadeath Trophies  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Jon

Submitted By: PlatinumChaser

Date Added:

Version: EU

File Size: 30.97 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 1

Downloads: 294

Views: 3,048

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Item description:

Ok so today l am bring you a Save Set for 2 Trophies On The Last Of Us Part 2 for PS4. these 2 Trophies will give you The 2 DLC Trophies for Grounded Mode and the Permadeath Trophy.

Simply use this Save and select Continue on the main screen for the Prologue Auto Save. l have saved it right at the very end. soon as you load the save you will start outside Ellie and Dina's house. all you have to do is walk inside the house and upto the room that has all of Ellies stuff that was left in the empty house, and thats it.

watch the final cutscene (or skip it) and the two trophies will pop for finishing the game on Grounded mode + the trophy for finish the game on ANY Permadeath setting.

This is also the EU version. if you are outside the EU Region you will have to Re-Region this save file using BruteForce or something to be able to use it. and OBVIOUSLY you will need to Resign the save data to be able to use it on your own PS4. if you dont know HOW to Resign game save data, simply look up a tutorial on Youtube for SaveWizard or BruteForce on how to Resign game save data.

Thats it Enjoy.
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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ALSO Note my Save file is uploaded in RAR format. l use RAR because l resign my game save data through USB so using RAR or ZIP doesnt matter. HOWEVER if you download my save and try and import it directly to SaveWizard it will NOT work. because Importing DOES NOT work with RAR files.

So what you want to do is

1 - Download my file.
2 - Extract the contents to the desktop or something.
3 - RE - ZIP it back up using Winzip

NOW you can Import that Zip file directly to Save Wizard and it will work.