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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate PS Vita 100%

Download Name: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate PS Vita 100%  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PS Vita Game Saves

Submitted By: KyoukenMadDog

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Item description:

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate PS VITA


Decrypted save, look online on how to load other people's decrypted vita saves.

- almost 280 hours gameplay time

- all 131 story mode missions/ campaigns unlocked and completed on normal (I think it's all done? Don't know how to confirm this, but it seems like they're all unlocked and done), a couple of them completed on chaos mode

- all officers have their 5 star X and mystic weapons

- all 290 strategy cards obtained (each character's normal and gold card) (some people online claim that there 294 cards, with 4 missing cards, 1 each of attack, special, impede, and support, but they don't have supportive evidence to justify this claim, plus they don't show exactly what those particular missing cards are, so basically it would just be 290/290 cards not 294, unless if someone has substantial proof to prove me wrong, otherwise it will be 290 cards)

- 100% additional costumes unlocked for some officers (some don't have additional unlockable costumes)

- all 145 characters unlocked for play in story mode, gauntlet mode, etc, including orochi x, kyubi, hundun, nezha cyborg, kiyomori, sun wukong

- all orbs available to craft

- all X weapon formulas unlocked

- over 9 million gems for crafting

- 999 crystals

- 99 lottery tickets

- over 9 million exp accumulated for growth point "reserve"

- all movie, wallpaper, and events unlocked

character/officer promotions from what I remember (if someone even cares about this at all)
- wang yuanji, ayane 8
- lianshi 6
- diaochan, nuwa 5
- tamamo, kyubi 3
- orochi X, xu shu, da ji 2
- hundun, sterk, ryu hayabusa, and some others with at least 1 promo

Gauntlet mode:
- mystic requests 46/80 reported at 100% completion

- formations 26/80 level 10 maxed

- keystones 86 red, 36 yellow, 31 turquoise, 20 purple

So basically this is somewhat considered to be a 100% save, depends on the end user.

The other stuff such as character levels, promos, mystic requests, formation levels, formations, maxing this and that, trophies etc, those just involve grinding in general, and they're up to the user if they want to complete them or not.
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