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(EU) God Of War PS4 Trials Of Muspelheim and Valkyrie Trophy Save set

Download Name: (EU) God Of War PS4 Trials Of Muspelheim and Valkyrie Trophy Save set  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Jon

Submitted By: PlatinumChaser

Date Added:

Version: EU

File Size: 33.38 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 148

Views: 1,759

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Item description:

Ok so here is another Trophy save set l have just finished doing and uploading to you. This Save set is for the Trials of Muspelheim and kill all 9 Valkaries. l have completed ALL the Trials. the ONLY trial left to do is the very last one you get after obtaining 3 keys to do it. l have saved it right BEFORE that final battle. so all you have to do is achieve a Bronze, Silver Or Gold award and the Trophy will pop.

This is incredibly EASY because l have made Kratos Invincible. NO ememies can hurt him. So he is now the TRUE God of War lol

NOTE - To keep Kratos Invincible you must NOT change ANY of his armor. that includes Body armor,Wrist armor, Waist armor etc. Also do NOT remove any of the Socket upgrades in the armor. the sockets are all maxed out

Strength = 9999
Vitality = 9999
Cooldown = 9999
Defence = 9999

if you remove them his Invincibility will be gone. so as long as you dont change his armor OR remove the sockets, Kratos will ALWAYS be Invincible lol

Also on this Save l havnt completed the 9 Valkaries. l have defeated 8 of them. you only have to defeat the last one for the defeat all the Valkyries Trophy. and as l said will be a cake walk with God Mode Kratos.haha

ALSO in this save l havnt completed the Darkness and Fog Gold trophy. but again that will be easy as pie with the Invincible Kratos.

l have unlocked most of the other Trophies. like find all the collectables. Shrines, Ravens etc so im not sure if those trophies will pop instantly for you or not, since l have already collected everything else.

But yes, using this save you will be able to EASILY get ALL the Gold trophies for God Of War.

NOTE - you cant just use someone elses game save without Resigning it. if you dont know how to Resign game save data simply look up Save Wizard on Youtube. Thats it Enjoy
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Just a side Note to anyone wanting to use this save. l actually have only collected 7 out of the 9 Valkyrie's on this save set. You still have to get the Valkyrie in the Labyrinth on the Niflheim Realm , before you can return to Midgard to fight the Valkyrie Queen. So just go to the Niflheim Realm with the Labyrinth and defeat that Valkyrie, THEN you can return to Midgard and fight the Queen Valkyrie.

As l mentioned in the description the fights are extremely EASY though, Since Kratos is invincible on this save set.