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[US] Terraria All Trophy World All Expansion Packs V1.4.5 Platinum

Download Name: [US] Terraria All Trophy World All Expansion Packs V1.4.5 Platinum Save  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Eatmycoolbeanslol

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA00740

File Size: 2.57 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 59

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Item description:

Help from mikeyisbae It Only Takes 1 to 2 hours to get 44 Trophies and the platinum
Terraria Trophy World All Expansion Packs Journey's End, Dont Starve Together V1.4.5 if you have JP version there's a separate trophy list
This world was created for the use of crossplay which is a thing if you have a mobile device you can host the world and join through the ps4 or use a glitch to download the world from the mobile device to the ps4 without any usb or save wizard which is crazy but I think most people on this site have save wizard so here's the download you dont really need to know this if your just using the save for yourself but if your hosting the world for a friend You can GET 33 Trophies You CANT get 11 for some reason but if you the host it they all work so dont worry

Make a Journey Mode Character Read the signs in the world and do what they say
When entering the world you will instantly get trophies In The Hallow, Bloodbath, You Can Do It and Goblin Punter will take about 10s
Talk to the sleeping angler and you will get Real Estate Agent And No Hobo
after the 2nd trophy turn on God mode this will not affect trophies you can do this in options, journey and power
World View [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Kill the slimes above you should kill them pretty fast because they do die note this is not all the slimes had some issues with hexing the slime there is only 11 Slimes you can see this in the ingame achievements and bestiary I could not hex all of them because Pinky, Jungle Slime, Black Slime, Yellow Slime, Purple Slime, Red Slime and Green Slime are negative numbers and I dont know how to do that also the ones you should be missing are Green Slime, Mother Slime - Baby Slime, Lava Slime, King Slime, Toxic Sludge, Slimer and the negative ones
World View Slimes Section [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Things not really explained well
Killing the wall of flesh will get you the trophy its hard it will only pop once and will make it so the hardmode slimes spawn because normally they do not
Just Desserts Trophy (Kill the Queen Slime has to be in the hallow) which is to the left below crafty there's also a teleporter there at the end
Corruptible Trophy to the left Change the hallow to corruption with the Clentaminator gun in the chest and use the purple solution leave the world and go back into it and you will get it
Brain Of Cthulhu always falls through the world? and is almost impossible to kill maybe build more crimson or go to the right idk

All Trophies and what to do in order
Infinity +1 Sword - Use Zenth
Hey! Listen! - Use a fairy on yourself
Boots of the Hero - Equip Terraspark Boots
Topped Off - Use all hearts, life fruits and mana stars L2
Fashion Statement - Equip Armor in the vanity Slot Triangle R1
Be Prepared - Use 5 different Potions To use all potions press L1 and Right stick down
Wired Up - Place 100 Wires using the wrench
Lucky Break - keep your armor on and have full golden hearts turn off god mode Take Your Wings off and fall down the hole
Is This Heaven? - Leap of Faith Equip the balloon accessory and jump 3 times
Into Orbit - equip the wings and hit the top of the world
Its Getting Hot In Here - Go to hell reach the bottom of the world and go back to here - Rock bottom - To Hell And Back in 60s holding a portal gun makes you fall faster
Its Hard - Kill The Wall Of Flesh throw the guide vodoo doll into the lava in hell guide NPC has to be alive
Bloodbath - Use the bloody tears in the chest by pressing R2 on it and then Press options go to the journey Tab the icon with the hard hat and then change time to midnight and then change time to dawn you will also get You Can Do It
Goblin Punter - Use Summoner in the chest and Kill The Goblin Army you will get the trophy when you kill one unlocks for everybody in the game
Homicidal - AFTER THE ARMY HAS ENDED Put a Guide Voodoo Doll in your accessory Slot and Kill him with your sword
Blacksmith - Craft 3 stacks of Chains With 300 Iron Bars in a anvil
I'm Smelting - Loot All From the chest to the right of the chest there is icon thats a backback Take 40 Stacks and 100 of Luminite ore to craft 10,000 Bars of luminte you can hold x when crafting that is the fastest way
Pet Collector - Loot All Fromthe chest and Press L2 on each of the pets to equip them
Armory - Loot All From The Chest and then Deposit All repeat for all chest you do not have to equip any
Bulldozer - Mine 10,000 Blocks equip the Drill Unit press square to use and break all the blocks below YOU can check your progress in the ingame achievements
Crafty - This is a long one Loot All From the chest and craft each item in its own crafting station just station has a sign saying what to craft it doesnt matter that your inventory is full you will still get it for crafting the item you dont need it in your inventory
Running Man - Equip Hermes Boots in your accessories slot use the portal gun Press R2 to spawn 1 portal press Circle to spawn the second one and run right on the conveyor belts for 80s this is buggy you may have to change directions after 70s
Marathon Medalist - Travel 26.2 Miles on foot you can afk this and multiply people can be in here it takes about 1 Hour to get it its faster to Hold Right
Gelatin World Tour - Kill Every Different type of slime 24 in total this is the longest one and most complex one go through the teleporter and read the signs on which one you have to kill YOU can check your progress in the ingame achievements Note You have to kill the wall of flesh to spawn 4 of the slimes because they only in hardmode
Double Vision - Kill Twins
Prime Directive - Kill Skeleton Prime
Walk Without Rhythm - Kill The Destoryer
Mecha Mayhem - Kill Twins, Skeleton Prime and the Destoryer at the same time
Slayer Of Worlds - Kill all bosses apart from queen slime, empress of light and deerclops
Fae Flayer - Kill the Empress of Light
In The Hallow - Hallow 50% of the World leave to update the %
Appease The Volcano Gods - Kill the guide with a lava Bucket placed on him
Dead Men Tell No Tales - Open a dead man tell no tales chest and die within 10s its to the left
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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