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PCSX2 PNACH Cheat File - YS - The Ark of Napishtim - PAL

Download Name: PCSX2 PNACH Cheat File - YS - The Ark of Napishtim - PAL  

Category: PlayStation 2 PCSX2 Cheats

Submitted By: Ahri

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File Size: 874 Bytes

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

PNACH File Contents - These Cheats Are Compatible For The PAL European Version

Infinite Health, Infinite and Max Emel, Infinite and Max Gold, Max Level, HP, and Stats, Have Blue Potion, Capla Water, Herb, Honey, Kamio Flower, Limurian Mushroom, Orio Fruit, Seed of Defense, Seed of Power, Seed of Vitality, Titonuts, Wild Fowl Meat, Have Swords - Blirante, Ericcil, Livarte, Have Armors - Bandit's Mail, Breast Plate, Emelas Armor, Galba Armor, Hard Armor, Ring Mail, Have Accessories - Bell of Silence, Bloody Nail, Daylight Stone, Eldian Orb, Emel Mallet, Emelas Crown, Emelas Glove, Elemas Guard, Galba Hand, Heavy Belt, Lucky Silver Coin, Magic Talisman, Rainbow Fragment, Runed Earring, Silver Armlet, Starlight Medal, Sylphen Boots, Thief's Glove, Winged God Emblem, and Wooden Bracelet.

Download The PNACH File Below

PCSX2 PNACH File - YS - The Ark of Napishtim - PAL
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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