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[Multi-Region] Elden Ring LEGIT MULE New Game+ Level 713

Download Name: [Multi-Region] Elden Ring LEGIT MULE New Game+ Level 713  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: DreadRainhard

Submitted By: masonthekiller

Date Added:

Version: 1.04

File Size: 28.93 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 25

Downloads: 2,140

Views: 16,606

Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

Item description:

Credits goes to:
"freyag91" for the platinum savedata without using mods. "FanOfBurcolV-V69" For helping me duplicate a ton of equipments, items, talismans, ashes of war & helping me reach level 713 with dupe lord runes.

Mule Save Contains:
1) Level 713 Female character
2) All Weapons (At level +25 & +10 With DOUBLE COPY of each unique ones)
3) All Outfits
4) All Talismans & Arrows
5) All Ashes Of War
6) Almost all Spells & Incantations
7) All Items at their max value
8) Almost all Spirit of Ashes
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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"[Multi-Region] Elden Ring LEGIT MULE New Game+ Level 713" :: Login/Create an Account :: 25 comments

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Holaa este save data Se puede jugar en lnea?


tonycollazo you guys suck stop leaving your console id on the file not everyone owns save wizard

you literally need save wizard to use anyones save thought it was common sense.


DDraeger I will do a 1-2 weeks run on this "legit" save and i will reply back if it is actually legit or no.

It's been over a month. Any news? Haha.

Also, there's no option to begin a new journey? Is this save broken?


Hey thank you for the save, but is it a 7NG+ ? Because I can't start a NG+.

Thanks again,


Yes you can use this save online. I've used it and am now on playthrough 8. Can still get battered to shit tho lol


you guys suck stop leaving your console id on the file not everyone owns save wizard


I've been using this no issues for a couple weeks, thank u


Yo you think you can reupload this with a 713 and another save/starter with all items for different builds level 0 on the same save , im more than happy to help duplicate hmu MastrrYoda ps4


I tested and i still use it and im able to play with friends and randoms no problems


UPDATED INFO 03/30/2022
Removed "LEGIT" since a few users claim that they where getting a "Warning" for using this savedata and say it was modified... Everyone must keep in-mind a few things before using this savedata;
- If you previously used mods on your account online, it is highly recommended to use this savedata on a new account.
- Don't use this savedata online expecting not to get a warning AFTER you previously used a modded save online, cus once you used a modded save online and deleted it to use this save you will still stay flagged.
- Don't disconnect frequently from PvP matches.
- Don't use "one shot glitches" on PvP matches.