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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 92% (Xbox 360)

Download Name: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 92% (Xbox 360)  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: hariki

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Item description:

sonic and sega all stars racing USA xbox 360

*partially completed save, mainly focused only on completing all missions, this save assumes that the user has the dlc listed below, so if you don't have them, the percentages or numbers may change as a result

*you'd need to resign this save (resign account and console ID) to be able to use it on your xbox 360 (jtag/rgh or not) via Horizon, you can watch YouTube tutorials on how to resign x360 saves with Horizon. it should also work for xenia xbox 360 emulator, again the save needs to be resigned for use on xenia as well.

*you may or not need these dlc and/or latest title update to use this save, probably not, depends on the game though

- metal sonic
- preorder pack
- unlock pack (unlocks all in-game characters instantly without grinding for them)

If you have the dlc for this game, it should unlock dlc character like metal sonic, and unlock all in-game unlockable characters all at once without having to grind for them, otherwise if no dlc, then the game might make you grind for the in-game characters :/

all items purchased in shop


92% unlocked

100% grand prix completed (all beginner level done, hard and expert not started)

100% time trials completed (all time trials staff ghosts beaten as well)

100% missions completed (out of 64 missions)

achievements completed 30/50

all characters unlocked 24/24 (this also has ryo hazuki and metal sonic dlc in here. don't know if the game will make you grind for the unlockable in-game characters if the unlock pack DLC is not present, even though the save incorporates it)

all courses unlocked 25/25

all music unlocked 45/45

lifetime miles: 297,213

time played: 5 hours 30 mins

sega miles cash: 185,213

license color: Red (bronze, silver, gold license not achieved)

62/64 missions AAA rank, only missions 42 (monkey trouble) and 47 (factory frolics) are AA rank, because they're annoying as f*ck to get AAA
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