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harry potter half blood prince saveset

Download Name: harry potter half blood prince saveset  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Save Set v2

Saves by w4rl0, Kero and moodymann9081

Unlocks 930GS

Missing Saves
+ Master of Flying 50G
+ Dualing Veteran 20G

1) Quidditch Beginner - [w4rl0]
Start a new game and play the begining till you get the achievment.

2) Grime Buster & Crest Collector - [w4rl0]
On load Grime Buster unlocks.
Just keep going forward and collect the crests.

3) Potions Beginner & Portrait Novice - [w4rl0]
Load save hit back button follow Sir Headless Nick to the potions door then just do all the potions in there.
Now for Portrait Novice just do what it says after the cut scene.

4) Duelling Beginner - [w4rl0]
Just load save then dual Ron and beat him. Then it will POP!!!

5) Dulling Champion & Reflex Badge - [w4rl0]
Just goto the wooden board on your left and click the Champion and dual him and beat him.
Also replay any match and win without getting hit for the Reflex achievment (Junior Challenge is the easiest).

6)Used the Pensieve & Crest Collector 2 - [w4rl0]
Go out of the room listen to your friends then go out the big doors in front of you then right and around the corner.
Now you should see a big Bird in a arch way go to it watch cutscene then pop.
Collect 2 more crest's to get 'Crest COllecter 2'.

7) Combo Flyer Badge & Quidditch Captain, and Crest Collector 3 - [w4rl0]
Load up the save then fly through the Stars and it will pop at the end.
then After Rons cutscene Quidditch Captain will pop.
Also when you get done with all of that there will be a crest in front of you just do the lift spell and
"Crest Collector 3" will pop.

8) Precision Flyer & Potions Club Star & Speed Brew Badge - [w4rl0]
Walk forward for a cut scene
Back on your left is the Quidich Notice board. Complete the first game 'Gryffindor Tryouts'.
Make sure you hit every ring and you will pop 'Precision Flyer Badge'
Now go to the potions room (press select and headless nick will lead the way)
Just do the potions and pop 'Potion Club Star'.
Before leaving go back to the potions board and get 5 stars in any three potions to get 'Potions Club Star'.
Also complete the 'Wit-Sharpening Potion' in less than 35 seconds for 'Speed brew Badge'.

9) Crest Collector 4 - [w4rl0]
Follow Luna Lovegood tell you get to a wide open spot then on ur left do Reapir Spell
on it and u will get this cheevo.

10) Great Party & The Burrow Defender - [w4rl0]
Just load and it will pop
Just fight this guy in front of you and cheevo pops.

11) Good Deed & Crest Collector 5 - [w4rl0]
Load and then it will pop.
Find 2 more medals for Crest Collector 5

12) Portrait Pro - [w4rl0]
Hit Back button then follow Sir Nick and this cheevo will pop.

13) Crest Collector 6 - [kero]
Find 1 more Crest

14) Myster Solved - [w4rl0]
Keep going with the story. Once you reach Hagrid's shack 'Myster Solved' will pop.

15) Mystery Solved, Quidditch Champion, Escaped The Cave, and Adventure completed - [w4rl0]
Just Load and it will pop!!!!!!

16) Crest Collector 7 - [kero]
Now for Crest Collector 7-13 i have left the same crest avaiable to make it easier to find a crest.
To find the crest go down the hill and its on your right at the bottom of the hill.

17) Crest Collector 8 - [kero]
Find the same crest

18) Crest Collector 9 - [kero]
Find the same crest

19) Crest Collector 10 - [kero]
Find the same crest

20) Crest Collector 11 - [kero]
Find the same crest

21) Crest Collector 12 & Master Dualist - [kero]
Find the same crest
For Master Dualist go to the training ground (big open grass area) and complete all the hufflepuff duels.

22) Crest Collector 13 & Keen Flyer & Potion Veteran & Master Potioneer- [kero]
Find the same crest
After getting the Crest, choose 'save and quit
Go to Clubs, Then Flying CLubs. Press RB and complete the last Quidditch Match that do not have a score
To unlock 'Keen FLyer'.
Now go to Clubs, Then Potion Club. Complete the last Potion that does not have a score.
Get 5 stars in it to unlock Potion Veteran & Master Potioneer.

23) Crest Collector 14 - [moodymann9081]
You just need to extract the mini crests from lights and objects to get the last crest.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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