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[EU] Assassin's Creed Valhalla "Completionist All the Way" Trophy

Download Name: [EU] Assassin's Creed Valhalla "Completionist All the Way" Trophy  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Honzik88

Submitted By: honzik88

Date Added:

Version: ‏‏CUSA18534

File Size: 2.35 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This is a Save for the "Completionist All the Way" Trophy

Just walk up to the altar and complete the last event, and the trophy should pop.

The trophies for the following should pop as well if you dont have any of those yet. (has to be tested dont know for sure)
-Godly Design

Don't know if any other trophies will unlock once you load in the save.

If you are looking for Orlog Champion, or Good Catch. They are the only ones i did not unlock, its still possible but quite some work. Barely did any of the orlog games or any fishing. but its still possible to unlock them, but lots of work.


Can also be used as a almost completed save if you just want to start playing the dlc.

- All order members are dead.
- The whole map is cleared.
- Most side quest are finished.
- River raids
- Complete 10 contracts for Reda are left.
- Might be something else left dont know for sure.
- Think i got most of the weapons, armor you can get.
-Everything in the hildiran is bought,
- Everything in the river raid store. (might have missed some of the more basic items and armor you can buy in the regular stores.)


If you are gonna uset this save for anything beside getting the trophy.

Then keep in mind that some of the runes you can equip have some weird names.
They are cheated in and still have the names of the old runes.
Current effects still count, but they have weird names. (for the rest everything works as intended, they just have weird names.)

All the legendary Isu weapons are there dubble, would recommend not using any of them for duel wielding but its possible.
the game might act weird sometimes if you decide to do this, by deleting runes equiped in them, dupping your equiped runes.
Saying you both of the weapons are equiped in a hand while you have 2 of them.

there is a extra set of the thor armor left it un upgraded. The one cheated in is fully upgraded would use that.
And recommend not upgrading the other one to avoid, the game doing weird things.
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Something's missing because the name of the game doesn't appear either