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Metroid Fusion (J) English Easy, Normal, Hard mode saves

Download Name: Metroid Fusion (J) English Easy, Normal, Hard mode saves  

Category: GameBoy Advance GameBoy Advance Game Saves

Author: Home_Rowed

Submitted By: Sean

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Using redfalcon's notes for an English code (code below) I made new English saves. Then, based on the RAM map on [Data Crystal], I searched nearby memory addresses to find the difficulty setting at [03000020] and made a Hard mode save in a non-cleared game file. Data Crystal's RAM map seems to be a bit offset from the addresses I was seeing, possibly theirs was based on the (U) version, and this is the (J) version. A cleared new game file would normally have the item totals on the map, and Hard mode is only normally available after having cleared the game. The result are these Easy, Normal, Hard saves (in that order) modded to the hidden English setting. This one is also saved at the Ship with a 00:00 time, it doesn't replay the starting objective, nor the Intro Cutscene. Unlike with v1.2a file this one wouldn't save the changes until I went into the ship and manually saved, causing it to not repeat the objective on load. While v1.2a, which were cleared files would seem to automatically save once the objective has been stated, and resetting at that point would repeat it on load. If you start a new save with the English code on, it's possible to see the intro cutscene in English. The file select menu is still stuck in Japanese, unless you were to use a patch, and the English code would glitch it up a little on that screen, but once a file is loaded the rest of the game is in English, even without a patch/code. The 2 patches I'm aware of "fusionj-english2.ips" by Grahf, and "MF_J_engInJap.ips" by biospark from [Metroid Construction], do translate the file select menu, though they don't allow access to the Child Mode endings, nor does this save, unfortunately.
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Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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