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[Multi-Region] Scarlet Nexus Platinum Save set [CUSA25269/CUSA25132]

Download Name: [Multi-Region] Scarlet Nexus Platinum Save set [CUSA25269/CUSA25132]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: ebo7na

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA25269 CUSA25132

File Size: 23.26 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 26

Views: 495

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Item description:

I had to play this god awful game 4 full playthroughs but here you go this is a multi regional Save set to unlock every single trophy for the platinum.
[some of the saves are not properly tested so please share your feedback on them.]

Save 1 (Yuito Phase 12)
Conclusion of Millenia + To the Unknown Future + Collecting Fragments of History:
Fight the last boss, watch the credits. Then start a new game plus EX with Kasane until the first scene.

Save 2 (Kasane Phase 12)
Expanded Brain Functionality + Owner of an Excellent Brain + Red Strings for Two:
Buy the last upgrade and fight the last boss.

Save 3 (Bond Episodes Save)
While Playing as Yuito:
A Line Beyond Time: Play Last bond episode of Kasane.
To Run Together: Play Last bond episode of Hanabi.
Life Goes On: Play Last bond episode of Gemma.
Remaining Pure: Play Last bond episode of Tsugumi.
No Need to Go it Alone: Play Last bond episode of Luka.
While Playing as Kasane:
Shared Feelings: Play Last bond episode of Yuito.
Ghost Who Chose Life: Play Last bond episode of Kagero.
The Strength to Simply Exist: Play Last bond episode of Shiden.
My Past is Me, My Angst is Me: Play Last bond episode of Kyoka.
Being Wasteful Ain't Bad: Play Last bond episode of Arashi.

Save 4: (Yuito Standby Phase 9)
Knowledge of the Past: Collect Mysterious Text Data #10.

Save 5: (Kasane Phase 4)
Suoh Incident: Finish Kasane Phase 4. [Not Tested]

Save 6: (Kasane Phase Cool Man (aka Tustin)
One Will: Finish Kasane Phase 8. [Not Tested]

Save 7: (Bond lvl 6 Save)
Companionship + Tightly Wound Bond: Give Luka gifts until LVL 6.

Save 8 (Platinum Save +85 hours)
While in the Hideout:
Everyone's Ally + Heroic OSF: Submit a Quest.
Fashion Debut + Baki-s: make everyone wear Baki helmet in Visuals.
Fashionista + Collector + Collection Freak: exchange a Visual Item at the Shop.
Gifts + Gift-Giving Freak: Give someone a gift.
Protect!: Stopped in front of the OSF poster in the hideout with Yuito. [Not Tested]
Kins Millionaire: Sell something.
While in Battle:
Brain Field Expert: Raised the EXP bonus to the maximum.
Cunning Brain Smash: Defeated 3 enemies at the same time with Brain Crush.
Fierce Psychokinesis User: Throw an object at an enemy.
Friendship: Revive an ally.
Helping Hand: get revived by an ally.
Link Expert: do all 9 combo Visions with both Kasane and Yuito each. [Not Tested]
Master of the Psionic Space: Finished off an enemy with the Brain Field.
Mighty Soldier + Suppressor of All Enemies: kill 1 enemy.
One Lost in Madness: Ran out of time in brain field.
Other Nemesis: Used the Brain Crush once.
Power of Nexus: Activated 4 different Combo Visions in 1 combo.
Power of Observation: successfully perform a perfect dodge.
Receiver of Protection: Trigger an Assault Vision.
Seasoned Psychokinesis User: do 1 successful Special Object Follow-Up Attack.
The Place Beyond the Pain: Use SAS once.
Trusted Ally: Trigger a guardian vision.
Wheels Gone Wild: run over 5 Enemies with the Bus in Kunad Highway.
You Are Not Alone: Get saved inside the brain field.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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