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The Golden Compass Game Save

Download Name: The Golden Compass Game Save  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Arcade Saves & Tools

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

The Golden Compass :-

Just resign saves and follow instructions.

You have to replay the levels listed below in order to get the achievements. For a legit playthrough just load the saves and do what the save requires in order that they are listed. For example you load Save 1 press start to load game then choose load game. When you are in the screen with the circle pictures push Up/Down on left stick or D-pad till you get to the required act then move left/right to choose level. So go back to act Prelude choose to replay Level Samoyed Camp do instructions to beat level. So for Save 2 go back to act The Showdown and replay level The Magiterium. After the achievement unlocks and next level is loaded QUIT to title screen and replay next one in list. Bypass Cut scenes by pressing START button.

MY LEGIT playthrough unlocked them like this :- Shaman Suppressor, Symbol Apprentice, Tank Destroyer, Pantalaimon, Witch Dominator, Alchemist, Samoyed Ruler, Fire King, King Of Svalbard, Child Of Destiny, Zeppelin Champion, Lyra Silvertongue, Inquisitive, Lyra Belacqua, Symbol Master. I have included six saves so you can unlock it the same way.

Save 1

Act Prelude - Level Samoyed Camp :- Shaman Suppressor

Cut scene. Press Y to jump chasm. Just kill all hunters and wolfs. Cut scene. Kill all hunters and wolfs. Cut scene. Smash up shaman platform. Kill shaman by using running slash attack and when you are beside him hit X to slash at him, he will teleport away just repeat till he is dead. Cut scene.

Save 2

:- Symbol Apprentice Pop on load

Act The Showdown - Level The Magisterium :- Tank Destroyer + Pantalaimon

Walk forward interact Y with stone pile, throw rock at button exit interact press other button, walk through door. Go in second door on right interact with the documents hide behind desk. Cut scene. Exit hide and interact with flashing button on console. Wait for scientist to go beside machine push button. Exit interact and go into next room to pick up helmet. Go back to stairs you entered by. Cut scene. Run in circle around tank till you see it short circuit then run up to it and follow button prompts Y to start push X to topple it, when its toppled keep using slash till it rights its self. Repeat till its dead. Cut scene. Press A to continue after next level is loaded Pantalaimon will unlock.

Act The North - Level Queen Vala :- Witch Dominator + Alchemist

Just dodge her arrows and do a running slash at her, after you hit her a few times you can press Y to slam her into ground for some damage. Repeat till she is dead. Cut scene. Then the two achievements unlock.

Act Camp Ambush - Level The Ambush :- Samoyed Ruler

Kill hunters and wolfs 3 times. Cut scene. Put out fires on tents when prompted. Destroy the 3 pillars the archers are on plus the rest of the hunters. Checkpoint. Defeat shaman. Cut scene. Checkpoint. Put out fires on tents/shed while hitting the Red cat that attacks you. Cut scene. Walk to the rope bridge then smash the icicles that are on the right. Walk over platform follow path to right fight shaman. Just running slash him then X X . He will teleport away, so just run at him again and hit X X X when close to him. Repeat till he is dead.

Save 3

:- Symbol Adept Pop on load

Act The Rescue - Level Iorek's Assault :- Fire King

Destroy all the towers. Cut scene, checkpoint. Run all the way up to the wall to destroy the 2 flame throwers. Cut scene. Walk forward to the pipe interact. Throw snowballs at guards. Cut scene. Kill all guards. Cut scene. Kill all guards. Cut scene. Flame thrower guy appears with a timer on screen, kill a few guards and just run round in a big circle away from flame guy. Lyra makes a snow pile run over to the green light on screen press Y to jump chasm move to snow pile press Y to hurl pile. Run at flame guy hit him 3/4 times repeat 4 times.

Act Svalbard Courtyard - Level Svalbard's Fate :- King Of Svalbard

Follow on screen prompts for button presses. Get them all right you attack, message box appears telling you your moves. I just used slash high/low and bite. Get them wrong message box appears telling you your moves to defend. When the king is at a certain points level about a third left just follow the on screen button prompts to kill him.

Act Zeppelin Assault - Level The Onslaught :- Child Of Destiny and Zeppelin Champion

Follow the path on the right. Cut scene. Kill the witches 3 times. Follow path in front of you. Checkpoint. Kill wolfs and hunters 3 times to proceed. Follow path on right. Open gate on right by pressing the button prompts on screen. Cut scene. Go to the lever at right side of flame thrower hit it a couple of times, then go to bottom of bridge at left of flame thrower hit it a couple of times, Kill hunters and wolfs and train buggy will destroy flame thrower. Checkpoint. Continue forward and destroy 3 pillars. Cut scene. Go through exit and destroy gun interact Y jump over cliff. Go forward, exit tunnel, Checkpoint. Go forward kill all hunters and wolfs. Door will open kill gun and hunters/wolfs. Smash down brown door, Cut scene. Kill the 3 guns and hunters/wolfs. Kill hunters/wolfs, kill witches. Load fire hurler, follow on screen button prompts. Kill witches, kill hunters/wolfs , wolfs , witches. Load fire hurler, follow on screen button prompts.

Save 4

:- Lyra Silvertongue Pop on load

Save 5

:- Inquisitive Pop on load
:- Lyra Belacqua Pop on load

Save 6

:- Symbol Master Pop on load

Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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