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[EU] Assassin's Creed Valhalla England Starter Save 2.0

Download Name: [EU] Assassin's Creed Valhalla England Starter Save 2.0  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: honzik88

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Version: CUSA18534

File Size: 1.63 MB

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Item description:

[EU] Assassin's Creed Valhalla England Starter Save 2.0


In this save you just arrived in England. Did one or tree missons just after your arrivel.
Most of the early stuff in Norway you can do is finished, beside a Artifact/ A duel with the Drengr in the cave.
Few parts of the Map has been explored, due getting upgrade materials/getting the Norden Arc bow. (tried to explore as less as i could.)


Eivor is level 6 (has 33 power currently)

Craftting materials are all 9999999

Supplies, Raw Materials, Leather, Iron Ore, Fabric, Titanium,
Carbon Ignots, Nickel Ingot, Tungsten Ignot

There is some DLC gear you have to buy in the store.
So dont know if it stays in the inventory once you load in the save and dit not buy this.) has to be tested.


Save comes with the following gear:

The Legendary Isu weapons
Mjolnir, Excalibur, Gungnir, Norden Arc.

Armor Sets:

Raven Clan Armor set
-Thor Armor Armor
-Gothic Armor set (DLC gear)
-Hell damnation Armor set (DLC Gear)

- Raven Clan Shield.
- Gorgon shield (shield you get for collecting the 52 Roman artifacts.)
- Muspells Wall (DLC shield) same as the above, needs testing.)


starter gear (There is a chance i have missed some of the starter weapons.)
- Raven Clan set
- Varins Axe
- Raven Clan shield
- Raiders Axe
- Bone-Biter
- Iron star
- War Hammer
- Yngling Seax

- Surtr Sword (DLC weapon)


the Trophies for getting Mjolnir, Excalibur, Gorden shield, Thor is Armor set, should be activated by loading the save if you dont have them already.

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