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[EU] Assassins Creed Odyssey NG+ - Modded Save EU [CUSA09303]

Download Name: [EU] Assassins Creed Odyssey NG+ - Modded Save EU [CUSA09303]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: iethanhuntz

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA09303

File Size: 1.88 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 7

Downloads: 778

Views: 8,181

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Item description:

Assassins Creed Odyssey NG+ Modded Save

It's not a Platinum save, Story Mode is completed, and I'm not sure if you will unlock any trophies but you are invincible(God Mod).
Note: you might take ranged damage or heavy attack in some cases.

- It's a work in progress save, I'm yet to kill the remaining 7 culitist.
- All Phobos Skin Unlocked (You wont have to mod anything)
- Enough Legendary Lieutanant (Perks Modded - You wont have to mod anything)
- Enough Legendary Ship Design (You wont have to mod anything)
- Enough Legendary Crewe Theme (You wont have to mod anything)
- Medusa, Cyclopes, and Minotaur already killed.
- You can use this to start an NG+ and play the game from beginning.
- All Bows, Swords, Spear, Staff, Heavy Blunt, and Bladed weapons unlocked that you need to buy from Helix Store.

Armors Available (Modded)
Spartan Renegade Armor Set
Namean Lion Armor Set
Harold of Dusk Armor Set
Kronos Armor Set
Aegeon Armor Set
Myrmidon Armor Set
Sphinx Armor Set
Underworld Mythical Armor Set
Celestial Armor Set
Lawmaker Armor Set
Abstergo Armor Set
Sacred Oracle
Dikastes Armor Set
Amazonian Armor Set
Fallen Armor Set
Helios Armor Set
Greek Hero Armor Set
Demigod Armor Set
Spartan War Hero Armor Set
Pegasus Armor Set
Agamemnon Armor Set
Master Artemis Armor Set
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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"[EU] Assassins Creed Odyssey NG+ - Modded Save EU [CUSA09303]" :: Login/Create an Account :: 7 comments

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Great save, how did you get all the skills and points without having 99999 points? Is there any correct code for this?


There NO! trophies to do. Useless!


it says it belong to another player what do i do?



For anyone from the US wondering, I'm going to post a question from a different modded EU save that asks how to re-region the save (pssst... you don't have to):

brandonf227 is there a way to convert this into US ?

I can confirm that, surprisingly, all you have to do is re-sign the save as if it were already an US save. I found the YouTube video explaining the how-to re-region process, but got confused when I realized the ID for both regions are the exact same (CUSA09303). So, as a test, I simply re-signed (made a back-up first, of course), copied it to my PS4 (mind you, I'm US), loaded up the game, and it actually read the modded save without issue! Granted, it wasn't this EXACT download from this user, but it definitely was a modded AC Odyssey [EU] save. Don't trust me, try it for yourself. Mind you, all saves must have the equivalent story modes (if it's a DLC save, you must have the DLC in order to load it from the Game Menu). Besides that, you're good to go! I truly hope this helped you and anyone else who may be wondering. I'll also post this response under the file I actually downloaded for future reference.


Meu amigo ajudou demais


hello do i need dlc or not?


hello friend how did you edit the slots , i would like to edit my sets