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[US] Bloodborne Ultimate Modded Save by olletnaS

Download Name: [US] Bloodborne Ultimate Modded Save by olletnaS  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Modded Game Saves & Sets

Author: olletnaS

Submitted By: olletnaS

Date Added:

Version: CUSA00900

File Size: 30.08 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 6

Downloads: 155

Views: 1,690

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Item description:

Bloodborne save including multiple heavily modded characters:
- 1 Character (Female) is level 9,999 with 1 HP to easily rank up friends and their new profiles.
- 1 Character with Pink hair (Male) is the main character. You will have the most variety of different modded items, armors, weapons, facial deformities, removed body parts, blood gems, and caryll runes. (With 2 extra weapon effects that can be applied to any weapons when transformed)
- 1 Character is Secondary (Female) with the mods, that has a full Spectator look to them. Eyeballs are the only solids on their body to add to the craziness. Modded Gems, Armors, Caryll runes, and items are also added. (With 2 extra weapon effects that can be applied to any weapons when transformed)
- 1 Character (Male) is Very colorful and at level 100. Is a legit lower level character to give players a new sense of accomplishment when bored from modding.
- 1 Character (Female) is a higher level legit player at 354.
- 1 Character (Male) is a newer player i decided to make when bored. this is also a legit character.

These characters are listed from Top to Bottom in the same order that you see them in the "Load Game" menu. 3 of the characters are modded and have everything you can get from SaveWizard's Advanced editing.

NOTE: There are LOTS of bloodgems on characters that have "Hidden Effects". They are like that because Blood Gems actually have 6 possible effects in the code, but FromSoftware decided to only utilize 3 of them due to the player not being allowed to view the other effects. In conclusion, you will see some Bloodgems and Caryll Runes have Hidden Effects. When you change a Blood Gem or a Caryll Rune, click Triangle to change the view to resistances or damages. Some blood gems give insane amounts of resistances, blood gems, damage, HP recover (all of those are on the Tonitrus weapon), and No fall Damage (after certain distance a death barrier hits the player. No fall damage only works for falls that arent supposed to kill you to begin with).

The extra files in the download are there BECAUSE i have resorted and reuploaded the docs pages in case the player would like to make changed to the characters. They are entirely PDF documents to easily view the tutorials and the Credits pages.

Image including the setup of the Facial Features and deformities has been added.

If there are any questions or Concerns, all links that could be provided as of 06/16/2021 will redirect you to the YouTube pages of any contributors who understand the concepts of all of this.

PSN: olletnaS (dont spam, but if you need help and are patient, feel free to message me at anytime!)
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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"[US] Bloodborne Ultimate Modded Save by olletnaS" :: Login/Create an Account :: 6 comments

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is there dlc on this or no? looking fir non dlc characters'


Newer version is released today and currently pending authorization on TTG site. Keep an eye out!


danky_5645 save only had 3 characters on it blood knight, Lochness monster, and sugma testes the other 3 werent on the profile unless i did something wrong in which case im open to suggestions

I think you may have downloaded a different file and got the confused with this one? I've never heard of those 3 names for characters. Or you may have just clicked on a different CUSA when importing the save? Sometimes when you click the import button, it'll have a different path than your download folder or desktop.

I also uploaded a YouTube video on how to import the save and used this one specifically. So I'm sure it has to be you just mixed up the from someone else's save. Check out the video below to check out what you should be seeing on the Load Game screen.


save only had 3 characters on it blood knight, Lochness monster, and sugma testes the other 3 werent on the profile unless i did something wrong in which case im open to suggestions


Video Showcasing the Mods from this Link has been uploaded:

I will be uploading all future updates for this save to that YouTube channel. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to comment in the video. You can check out what is currently planned on the channel in the About tab on the channel.


Next update for this save will have the spreadsheets better sorted out but mainly be based around the 2nd character (Pink Hair):
- Bug fixes
- More Gem Slots per Weapon
- More Caryll Runes with 6x effects
- More Gems with 6x effects
- Added Full Movesets of Transformation Weapons without needing the Oath Runes

Coming Soon!