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[EU] Dragon Quest XI save-set [CUSA08518]

Download Name: [EU] Dragon Quest XI save-set [CUSA08518]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: RPGAddict ,

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA08518

File Size: 16.76 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Many of the starting trophies have no save since u can get them easy, they are like 5 o 6, start a new game and play till u get the ship


save 1 Follow the story and u get Undisputed Champion of Erdrea
save 2 Follow the story to get Wild Blue Yonder
save 3 Go into the castle to get Dark Art then go undersea to get Sea-Crossed Lovers
save 4 keep fight to get Beast Blaster and Peppy-Go-Lucky
save 5 go into the castle then out of the town Ice-Breaker, go to the central island ( from the warp point north) to get Island-Hopper, this is the best place to get the If At First You Don't Succeed, u can get it with every save anyway
save 6 go to the man in gallopolis to get Crossbow Colossus, follow the story to get The World Tree, play another 5 min story to get A Spark Still Shines
save 7 go down the city Best of the Bastion


save 8 go on with the story ( is 30 min game) A Disciple Worthy of the Name, teleport to valor camp then go though medal academy and down to the city Soldier of Smile

save 9 follow the story Knight of the Living Dread

save 1 from the camp u should see an horse monster shining, kill and mount to get Mount Olympian, follow story and beat the boss at the casino Beating the House pop, go out with the ship from valor, go north to the light colomn, beat boss to get Bigger Fish to Fry (those 2 bosses are though, u can use cheats to get urself lvl 99)

sav 2 follow story, this will take a whole dungeon since there no savepoints Sibling Rivalry, teleport to valor and play poker, once u arrive a 40 ull' get Casino Connoisseur (if the casino is not open just rest till night)

save 3 Go to the queen and transform into a fish, buy all the stuff i dont have at the weapon/armor shop then go into the house above the ship relict, Expert Itemologist pop

save 4 follow the story and beat tatsunaga 2 times Hot Spring Hero pop, teleport to manglegrove and go south of the camp, ull see a cow, talk to get Mooteorologist


save 5 follow story Bigger Fish to Fry

save 6 go down the rope and find the girl for the last puff puff Puff-Puff Buff, teleport to nautika and turn in quest (turn into fish) Quest to Impress

save 7 follow the story Ready as We'll Ever Be

save 8 Do a battle for 99 6 pgs everyone except the knight and the mage

save 1 Load the save to get Saviour of All Erdrea

save 2 load the save to get A Momentous Decision

save 3 follow story to get The Final Fight


save 4 beat the last rite ( u can max ur status with cheats i didnt) Ultimate Enlightenment

save 5 follow the story for Master of the Skies

save 6 teleport to medals accademy and turn in medals Chef de Classe de Medailles, defeat final boss for Echoes of an Elusive Age

save 7 forge the supreme sword Swordsmith of Light, go to ur home and talk to gemma Till Death Do Us Part

save 8 forge the last pink accessorie for Dedicated Follower of Fashion
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