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[EU] Velocity 2x - Several Trophies Gamesave [CUSA00071]

Download Name: [EU] Velocity 2x - Several Trophies Gamesave [CUSA00071]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: stasya

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA00071

File Size: 5.89 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

It's been a while since I posted something useful. Today I'll share with you my save of Velocity 2x game.

It's NOT a platinum save but you can get a bunch of trophies with it and it has all levels unlocked. I tested it on a dummy account and these are trophies I managed to pop:

Background Reading - go to Flight Computer and open couple of folders there. (Note: this trophy can only be unlocked after Ralan's Mission trophy, if you care about legit order)
Ralan's Mission - play one bonus level (Note: if you care about legit order, this trophy can be unlocked only after Lucky Find and Bonus Onus trophies. You CAN'T get them with this save as all bonus levels are already unlocked on it).
Gotta Kill 'Em All! - simply kill one enemy. I replayed level 12
Killa Thrilla - kill one flying enemy. I replayed level 12
Double or Nothing - complete level 48
Tough Stuff - replay level 12
Credit Crunch - go to Flight Compluter, select Credits. Go up to the right and start shooting letters. Pick up power-ups that give you triple laser gun to make it easier.

After playing the very 1st level these are the trophies that popped for me:
Power Extreme - Unlock all abilities
Saviour - Rescue 6,000 Jintinda (Pick up one blue ship)
China Shop and Rampager - Shoot 5,000/10,000 pieces of glass (Just shoot one piece of glass)
Miss Average - Gain above average XP in half the levels
Mind Over Matter - Complete level 50
High Flier - Gain your first PERFECT medal

I didn't check what else you can unlock but I suspect you might be able to get these if you fullfill the requirements for them:
Easy Tiger - Fly over your first speed pad (first one occured at level 25. It looks like green arrow)
Hoarder Next Door and Romancing the Throne - Collect 5,000/10,000 crystals (it might pop after you collect just one purple crystal)
Mind the Gap - Dock Your Ship for the first time. Guide
Ketchup! - Get squished at the bottom of the screen. Guide
Defeat a Vokh and Exterminator - try killing one Vokh (humanoid enemies at platforming sections)

And some others...

I have 42/43 data packs on this save. I don't know where the last one is and, to be frank, I'm a little bit tired of this game and I don't feel like replaying 40 levels to look after it. If you want, you can try and search it and if you manage to find the last collectible, then you should get Data Miner, as well. (If you post its location, it will be much appreciated).

As for Intermediate, Wheat From Chaff, FuturLab Certified, Now You Know trophies, I have only 4 perfect medals on this save. I won't be playing Velocity for a while and I don't know, if I get back to it at all, so don't expect from me updates on PERFECT medals anytime soon...
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