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[US] Left Alive - Semi Save-Set [CUSA11229]

Download Name: [US] Left Alive - Semi Save-Set [CUSA11229]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Danawhite

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA11229

File Size: 194.37 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

WARNING: this is NEWGAME+, meaning you have to beat the story AND get the 10 survivors trophy before you do this to make it look legit. I have included the system save just in case. try it without the SS maybe the 10 survivors trophy will automatically unlock and then wait couple hours before doing this.

The SS helps if you want to try NEWGAME+ with perks, however, I'm gonna upload a better one later once I'm done with the heavy trophies.

load up the game. press the map button and lead the survivors to the shelter. very safe.
20 Survivors

go to the west building to make the girl appear on the map. approach her and play dumb, go to the third floor for blue mark
taken for a ride

first save go down the road and lure the 7+ jobbers with bottles and then set them on fire. might need a few tries thanks to hitboxes.
second save DO NOT do it if you dont have wanzer hunter killing 1 wanzer on foot cause this is for 10. load it and go to the marker i left on the map to pick up the bazooka near an orange car. shoot the wanzer infront of you.
Pyromaniac & Wanzer Buster

use the pipe couple of times to finish the wanzer off. also you can get gm after couple kill with gadgets
wanzer crusher & gadget master

help the survivor
data collector

load manual save 11 then lead the survivor to shelter who's next to it
all survivors saved

load hopeless save and take handgun bullets from the box
bullet collector

load auto save and finish off the last boss which is easy and get 3 trophies (or 4 if you havent finished standard/light as well.
hopeless, advanced and worst ending

load manual save ch7 and craft the 3 new gadgets and use them (no repeats be warned) also craft turret and use it. if you screw up reload. it counts.
gadget tester

load auto save and brutalize the boss
Good Ending

load manual save ch9. aim to legs or arms with crossbow to the 5 jobbers near you to bleed them dry. you need 7-8 to get the trophy. i forgot. quite rng dependent
the exsanguinator

lead pops to his daughter/shelter. you can babysit him or just press the map button to let him go. it's safe... or is it not :p
no complaining

system save with basically everything unlocked. all files and perks with 901 points to use all perks at once. gundam your way through all jobbers.
100% system save

done and out.
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