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[EU] Windbound - Misc. Trophies Save [CUSA17774]

Download Name: [EU] Windbound - Misc. Trophies Save [CUSA17774]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: supdrmann

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA17774

File Size: 51.69 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 1

Views: 77

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Item description:

here a savegame for some trophies.
I will update this thread as soon as I got more.

Be aware that almost all trophies are popping up on the loading screen. So please take a closer look at which trophy you do miss. It doesn't look very legit if all of them have the same timestamps!!!

Save 1

Will pop during loading screen:

Speed Racer
Go over 30m/s for 3 seconds
Green Thumb
Collect 1000 grass
Rock 'n' Roll
Collect 1000 rocks.
Finish The Game
Finish the game.
Have 5000 in unspent meta currency.
Ocean Explorer
Travel 100 km by boat
Eagle Eye
Land a hit with a bow from 50 meters away
Drop Zone
Survive an otherwise deadly fall by using the Bastion Bow's protection.
Go 5 minutes without fully recovering your stamina.
Go for Gold
Swim 100m without dying.

Will pop after completing the last crossing:

Finish the game without eating anything but meat.
Baggage Claim
Finish the game without crafting any bags or containers.

Will pop during loading screen:

All trophies listed above and
Master Chef
Craft one of each food recipe.

Load savegame slot #2. Will pop after completing the last crossing:

Finish the game without crafting any weapons or killing any creatures.
Finish the game without eating any meat.

Save 4

Will pop during the loading screen. Be again aware that almost all of the above-listed trophies will come up, too!

Island Hopper
Visit 100 islands.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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