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[EU] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Complete! Save Set

Download Name: [EU] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Complete! Save Set [CUSA12471]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: KingCheat

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA12471

File Size: 81.12 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 3

Views: 215

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Item description:

Save 0.1-
1 Trophy - "Freshman Orientation"

Save 0.2-
Trophy 1 - "The Way to thors"

Save 1 -
2 trophies - "Making the Grade", and "Unconventional Studies " These are for completing
chapter one with S rank Smile [Note] you have to beat boss and view the scenes. just load the save up, then head into the boss area.

Save 2 -
2 trophies - "Frequent Fight", and "Eightfold Obliteration"
[Note] The treasure there is a trap, So Open it then use the character who has S-break skill with a circle-range (or wide range) attack to kill eight enemies. Plus you should get Frequent fight for 100 battles won! :P

Save 3 -
1 trophy - "The Verdant City" This is chapter 2 complete trophy. You have to beat the boss and escape the waterway while before you get the trophy.
anyways I added Zeram Powder, and Zeram Capsule (Items menu) via Save wizard Smile just spam S-Breaks, and then you can use some Zerams to replenish your CP and spam more S-breaks!

Save 4 -
1 trophy - "Beyond The Railways" Load up then contunue story. should pop.

Save 5 -
2 trophies - "Can't Touch This!" and "Breakout performance". load save you'll be in front of a moster called "Black Drome" wait until it has a red circle around it then use Use "Reans" Autumn Leaf Cutter to cancel the monsters "Arts and craft".
also use an S-break with triangle during a fight will unlock "Breakout perfomance"

Save 6 -
1 Trophy - "A Midsummer's Revels" you have to beat 2 boss battle just spam your S-Breaks during both fights and after the scenes you'll get the trophy.

Save 7 -
1 trophy - "Flawless Jewel" load save go foward kick some ass, you should level to 50 and get the trophy!

Save 8 -
2 trophies- "Signs and Omens" and "Link Master" chapter 5 trophy just spam S-breaks and Zerams.

Save 9 -
1 Trophy - "Follow-Up Master" Load save go up to wolf creature just spam the X button you should get it. Assist are at 499/500.

Save 10 -
2 Trophies - "Rush Master" and "Advanced Beatonics" In battle press "triangle" when you get the prompt, also just win any encounter for 500 battles won.

Save 11 -
1 Trophy - "Progressive Chaos" it's for beating chapter 6

Save 12 -
1 Trophy - "Heart Of A Lion" Talk to Principal Vandyck trophy should pop.

Save 13 -
1 trophy - "Lake Lord" catch the last fish right in front of you when you load the save.

Save 13 -
1 Trophy - "Cafeteria Commando" Load save talk to Nicholas, he should give you the last recipe for the trophy.

Save 15 -
1 Trophy - "Class Act" Load save talk to person infront of you, spend ticket with anyone you like, watch scenes trophy should pop on the report screen.

Save 16 -
1 Trophy - "The Cutting Edge" Talk to George>Customize weapon>Customize>Make Zemurain Ore> Then Make Byakuya>Trophy should pop!

Save 17
1 Trophy - "Chest Graber" Open chest trophy should pop.

Save 18
1 trophy - "Burst Master" just keep fighting until you get the prompt to press Square. tropy should pop.

Save 19 -
1 Trophy - "Valedictorian" Load save, beat boss like above spam S-Breaks, and use Zerams "items" trophy should pop at reports screen.

Save 20
9 Trophies - Bonding trophies For the Following: Alisa, Elliot, Laura, Emma, Jusis, Fie, Gaius, Millium, Crow.

Save 21 -
1 Trophy - Silver Honorary Literature Club Member Buy Imperial Chronicle - Issue 11 at Campus Store in Student Union Building

Save 22 -
1 Trophy - "Put to the Test" Beat the last chapter! check a guide if boss is a little too hard for you.

Save 23 -
1 Trophy "Quick As A Flash" Load the save, you need to get an advantage go up behind the monster, shoot it then run into it to start fighting monster.

Save 24 -
1 Trophy - "Neithardt Would Be Proud" Just load up win a battle, trophy should pop. Won 1000 battles

Save 25 -
1 Trophy - "Field guide to Erebonian Wildlife" Load save you;ll have 2 fights, the second one Vsing "C"he'll summon some little robot things called "NT-I" use a battle scope (Item) on it. trophy should pop.

Save 26 -
1 trophy - "More Like Rean QUARTZ-er" Talk to "Talk to Principal Vandyck" right in front of you and say "The one Instructor Neithardt uses" second option. trophy should pop.

Save 27 -
1 trophy - "Social Note-Working" Load up play the Gate of Avalon with anyone, Trophy should pop.

Save 28 -
3 Trophies - 3 bonding trophies "Machias, Towa, and Sara!. load the save select whomever.

Save 29 -
Trophies 3 - Hard, Nightmare and 100 hours Trophies(You only have 2 minutes left too wait.) Last boss battles might need to use a guide but it isn't too hard.

Save 30 -
1 trophy - "International Bank Of Rean" Keep selling stuff until you get a million and the trophy pops.
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