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[EU] Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Save-Set [CUSA08751]

Download Name: [EU] Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Save-Set [CUSA08751]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: RPGAddict

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA08751

File Size: 2.94 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 27

Views: 630

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Item description:

save 1 Cards Club Master Enter the garden and beat Shu, talk to Nida then the doc Kawasaki. Rest alone in the dormitory till the Queen come up and fight u. Theres a better save here on NGU.
save 2 Chocobo enter the circle forest and ask the guy to catch u a chocobo
save 4 Top Rank do a seed test Pandemonium go into Balamb and follow the story, assimilate the GF from Fujin.
save 3 tomberry U're outside the tower enter and fight Tomberrys till the king shows
save 5 cerberus and alexander Cerberus is in front of u then follow the story to assimilate Alexander from Edea
save 6 Handyman go into the town and upgrade a weapon
save 7 max hp Just put HP+40 on Squall
save 8 Timber Maniacs Pick up the last magazine in the upper room (it seems i miss saved, u have to find the white seed ship in Centras water before. Seach a video or a screenshot, the magazine is there)
save 9 lagunarock Follow the story to get the airship
save 10 obel, kyaktus, alien U're in the island where u get to smash the X botton all over to find the item, u'll get the trophy, close there's the Gyaktus GF. It's the cactus u see from the map in the small island near the desert. Its very strong and can oneshot with his 10k needles skill. feel free to modify the save to get it easier. Go near balamb and u'll meet the UFO, give him 5 elixir
save 11 doomtrain, bahamuth, and Magic Miner Use the solomon ring from the inventory, go to the lower-left corner of the map and land on the reseach lab, kill bahamut, u're also very close to magic miner ( 2/3 assimilate)
save 12 eden Touch the machinery and assimilate from Ultima Weapon
save 13 omega Seach a video how to find and kill the boss. He's very strong and can wipe a maxed out team. I used the R3 cheat with zero on the enemy and hero med on Squall, then spammed Renzoukoken till his death.
save 14 endgame Go into the castle and kill the last boss
save 15 Best save i have i was farming for the 1k kills. Almost every cards, best GF distribuition, all maxed weapons.
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