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[US] Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Rank A Infinite rocket launcher

Download Name: [US] Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Rank A Infinite rocket launcher Game Save [CUSA07104]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: shahroz47

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA07104

File Size: 18.26 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:


This save is the free save you get at the halfway point when Claire reaches antartica. As you know, you can't save any where else in the game if you're going for the A rank. It took me 1h:30m to complete the first half of the game so on this save you're left with 2h:30m finish the rest of the game which is more than enough if you know you're way around. I finished the game at 3 hours mark and i wasnt even rushing but i did know exactly where to go.

On this save claire has 20 flame bolts. You should get 10 more from the room with all the bedbunks and one zombie hanging off the side of a bed. You'll need 30 flame bolts plus a clip of handgun to easily take out the Alexander Boss easily from safe distance. Claire also has the glitched infinite herb too but before the boss fight, be sure to leave the herb in the safe box for Chris along with the granade launcher and all it's ammo.

When playing Chris, use only the glitched herb to heal and leave some combined green herbs in the safe for Claire as you can get hit when running away from a certain "giant green guy" as Claire and he brings your health all the way down to danger so be sure to have lots of herbs to heal and continue running.


From The Young Lady
Saved in the room with the homeostatic medicine. Leave this room and go through the other door on the next screen. Kill the yellow monsters here, go downstairs and through the door. After the cutscene, you'll have control of Steve. Turn around go through the door you just came from. Trophy pops


Packing a Punch : Tactical Upgrades
Leave the room and enter the elevator, select B1. The way to work bench in the basement is clear of gas and hunters. Select the work bench and modify the glock. Trophy pops. Combine the M93R with the custom parts. Trophy pops


Saved in the room with the drawer puzzle that unlocks Steve in battle mode. He should already be unlocked for you though.


It's Not All Dark and Gloomy
Get the Worker's Diary in the room with all the bunk beds. Leave the safe room, go up the stairs and enter the door next to the stairs. The file is on the table.


Reading Red
Its the Veronica Report you need. Leave the room and go through the other door on the next screen. Go down the corridor and through the double doors. Up the stairs and through the door. Here go through the double doors on the left. Find the file on the chair here


Feeling Blue
Go back to Resident Evil 1 style Main Hall area and go around the back of the stairs to find claire and cut her free with a knife. After the cutscene , you'll be Claire. The path is linear here so go through the rooms til you reach the area with the prison cells. The file is lying next to the canon (old timey artillery)
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