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[US] SAO Fatal Bullet PS4 TIME-SAVER (Overpowered 100%) Save

Download Name: [US] SAO Fatal Bullet PS4 TIME-SAVER (Overpowered 100%) Save  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: DreadRainhard

Submitted By: masonthekiller

Date Added:

Version: 1.14

File Size: 3.07 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 3

Downloads: 39

Views: 563

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Item description:

This savedata requires ALL DLC's

Firmware: 8.03
Game update: 1.14

-Female CAC
-Male Arfa-Sys

This savedata has the following things:

-All characters LV300
-All friends affinity LV4
-Arfa-Sys Max Allowance 1 Trillion
-Main Character All weapons max proficiency
-Arfa-Sys All weapons max proficiency
-Story mode completed ( Including DLC's Storys )
-Abyss Dungeon all 50 floors completed
-All Colagne's with 27hrs
-Bounty over 296 million
-All bounty rewards weapons/accessories are with a lock in the item box
-Almost all materials x999
-Overclock Chip x906
-Accessory Exchange Ticket x1,998
-Proof of Grandmastery x19,996
-All disguises unlocked
-All Party/Solo Hero Quests missions completed
-All accessories unlocked (Item box)
-Almost all outfits unlocked (Item box)
-All Skills/Gadgets unlocked
-Almost all Skills/Gadgets with max LV/Proficiency
-Lisbeth's Workshop Weapon Modification Lv.12
-Gallery 100%
-All friend's have Integrity Knight outfit

-Main Character:
Has multiple presets with OP builds capable of doing SOLO any mission.
All Weapons/Accessories have OP Memory chips.

He has two different builds, preset 1 TANK/HEALER (capable of surviving almost anything & best accessories chips and Weapon Chips) & preset 8 FULL DPS (Best accessories chips and Weapon Chips)

-All Friend's
Everyone has the same weapons/accessories chips, capable of surviving almost anything and FULL DPS
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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says it belongs to another players can't download it


Can you provide that in CUSA10168 as well? Thanks


This looks like a life saver save. Is it possible to get the EU version? c: