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[EU] Knack Platinum Game Save [CUSA00006]

Download Name: [EU] Knack Platinum Game Save [CUSA00006]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: xSOADx

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA00006

File Size: 9.96 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 8

Views: 204

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Item description:

Chieftain badge = Complete chapter 3-5

Gundahar Badge = Complete chapter 7-5

Katrina Badge = Complete chapter 11-5

Fast Puncher = Use 1 Dash Attack (R3+Square)

Relic Passion = Collect 1 relic (your health)

Barrage = kill 8 enemies with 1 super move (chapter 10-2)

Big Throw = Throw a car and destory a airship on chapter 7-4

Goblin Hunter = Kill 1 goblin

Robot Hunter = Kill 1 robot

Combo Beginner = Get a 20 combo

Combo Professional = Get a 50 combo (Chapter 4-2)

Forced Breakthough = Complete chapter 3-2 without dying

Professional Intruder = Collected the crystals without getting spot in chapter 4-2

Quick Work = Destory the 3 turrets in less then 5mins on chapter 8-2

Ruby Medal = Complete 1 chapter with Vampire Knack

Aqua Medal = Kill Chieftain's Mech with Brittle Knack (3-5)

Emerald Medal = Kill Gundahar's Robot with Massive Knack (7-5)

Sunstone Medal = Kill Katrina's Mech with Sunstone Knack (11-5)

Amethyst Medal = Kill the Giant Orb with Dark Knack (13-5)

Diamond Medal = Kill 1 boss with Diamond Knack

Hoarder = Complete a normal level without using any super powers (2-1)

Dynamic Play = Complete a chapter with only using super moves and without dying (8-3)

Stealth Fighter = Kill 20 enemies with Stealth Knack (4-3) (complete the level)

Knack Beginner = Beat 1 chapter

Knack Challenger = Beat 1 chapter

Total Victory = Beat a boss without taking damage (i did this with the second boss)

Guardian Badge = Kill the boss (13-5)

Knack Master = Beat 1 chapter

Relic Runner = Complete 1 Time Attack Stage

Speed King = Complete 1 Time Attack Stage with 5 stars

Gladiator = Complete 1 Coliseum Attack Stage

King of Battle = Complete 1 Coliseum Attack Stage with 5 stars

Perfect Action = Complete a stage without getting damaged on hard (4-2)

Need to be Done Legit

Seeker = Find 1 Treasure Chest

King of Adventure = Find all Treasure Chests

Parts Collector = Find a Gadget Part

Doctor's Invention = Make 1 Gadget

Doctorate = Make all Gadgets

Crystal Relic Collector = Find 1 Crystal Relic

New Power = Get a new Knack

Crystal Relix Master = Collect all Knacks
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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