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[US] PS4 - Jak 3 Orbiter of Taste and Orbiter of Record Save

Download Name: [US] PS4 - Jak 3 Orbiter of Taste and Orbiter of Record Save [CUSA07841]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: AngelsCry

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA07841

File Size: 36.12 MB

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Item description:

Hello! I made a save game after collecting 300 Orbs on Jak 3 legitimately since the orb glitch has been patched. I do not know if you can still get Orbiter of Taste since I have exceeded 300 Orbs, but I know for sure you can get Orbiter of Record with this save. All you need is a second controller to activate debug mode. Load the save and use the Jetboard to find an easy orb find challenge in the wasteland and see if the Orbiter of Taste trophy pops. If it does, put Jak 3 in debug mode by following this guide: Jak 3 Debug Mode Guide and then use the code to give yourself the rest of the orbs with the second controller by logging in on another account and then launching Jak 3 on that account.

Here is the save:

Jak 3 Orbiter of Record Save

Here is a save specifically for Orbiter of Taste (300 orbs)! Credit to burnttoazdt for providing this save!

Jak 3 Orbiter of Taste Save
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