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[EU] God Eater Resurrection - Platinum Save [CUSA03525]

Download Name: [EU] God Eater Resurrection - Platinum Save [CUSA03525]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: wishnd

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA03525

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Item description:

God Eater Resurrection

I was looking the other day for a platinum save for this game to avoid the boring grind of 500 missions and the urgent ones. I was very sure I even saw one around here, but I think it was part of the Xploder database. Now, that the search part of the forums is pretty much useless and google was not very helpful either I decided to share my finished platinum save. I had no choice but to grind the missions while watching the final season of Daredevil.

So, here it is, this is the platinum save. It is not intended to be used from the start but to save you the time of grinding out those boring and tedious trophies.

Just play the no battle challenge mission Today's Fortune (at the bottom of the list and do not change the equipment) and at the end you will get Most Trusted Ally. You will also get Skill Master since I have more than 25 skils. I tested that one only. But seeing how the game awards you retroactively, I can assume that you can get everything else as well. I've tried the final story mission (now a free mission in the list) for Difficulty 14 called Watch out Overhead and at the end you will get the story trophy Mysterious Masked Aristocrat. I assume that the remaining story trophies will also work but I do not remember the missions you need to beat in order to unlock them. For the other challenge missions, it is the eight mission from Difficulty 14 (start counting the cleared missions from the top). Also, I assume that you can buy and upgrage a weapon for the rank 14 equipment trophies as well.

Proud Survivor I believe you have to do legit. I did it on the urgent mission Cabin Fever since you fight only one giant monster at a time. The same goest for Master Predator.

For the urgent missions, just reply Watch out Overhead 5-6 times (it is fast and easy mission) until you get the notice for one. Should unlock after you finish any of the first missions - they are very easy and fast and only one phase. Hope this helps you.
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