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[EU] Tropico 6 - Campaign Game Saves [CUSA08154]

Download Name: [EU] Tropico 6 - Campaign Game Saves [CUSA08154]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: stasya

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA08154

File Size: 53.17 MB

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Item description:

I will upload campaign-related trophies as I go (and maybe a few others, as well). Don't expect a complete platinum save set from me, though.
P.S. Have no time to test them. These will be manual saves made before obtaining trophies.

'Penultimo of the Caribbean' mission
Proclaim independance to win
The beginning of a Servantship

'Speakeasy' mission
Wait for a kingpin to be arrested
** By this time I unlocked 5 hour trophy (Just One... More... Term), so maybe it will pop on load.
Number 18

'Better Red Than Dead' mission
Wait for a Newspaper to be built. It should take less than a minute.
Carribean Comrade

'Chocolate Factory' mission
Wait for a trade route to complete.
The Dreamer of Dreams

'Pirate King' mission
Place Hikone castle somewhere on a map to win.
The Legend of Langostino

'Ballgame' mission
Wait for a mission to complete.
** You can try to cancel and choose a new trade route for Trade Is My Trait trophy.
Go Sovereigns!

'Tropicoland' mission
Quick build a theatre that is infront of you. Set budget to max and change workmode to Improv to lower required level of wealth for visitors. This should be enough to get Fun Happiness to 70 and win the game.
For Science!

'Acts of God' mission
Wait for Rubber to be delivered, then sometime more for an Operation to be completed.
Happy Ending?

'Concrete Beach' mission
Wait for revenue to reach the goal.
Of Seals and Men

'Shackland' mission
Wait for a Rescue Raid to complete.
** I also unlocked Promising Endeavors during this campaign, so maybe it will pop for you as well.
Un-Lonely Island & Shackadelic

'Superpower Defense' mission
Bribe Russia.

'The Referendum' mission
Choose your presidential speech and wait for time to run out.

'Bureaucrazy 2.0' mission
Start a Space Mission.
** You have good conditions here to try and go for Don't Panic! trophy.
Computer Says 'No'

'The One-Percenters' mission
Buy remaining Moon Deeds.
Beware The Betman

'Battle Royal' mission
This save is supposed to put you in the middle of a final battle with EU. You have good chances at winning. But, just in case, when EU destroys your watchtowers, pause and rebulld and quick build them (you should have just enough money for that). The sole purpose of this is to stall enemies as they will go back to fighting watchtowers and won't go forward into the city and, in the meantime, your air craft carrier will damage them just enough for you to win.
Viva Tropico!
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