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[US] Carmageddon Max Damage Semi Save-Set [CUSA03729]

Download Name: [US] Carmageddon Max Damage Semi Save-Set [CUSA03729]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: AkumaNYC

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA03729

File Size: 39.86 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 4

Views: 141

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Item description:

This is a guide for using this save set.

Part 1- new game slot 2 on any save.

Edurcation, edducashion... ah forget it- [start a new game and complete the tutorial]

Wrecked 'Em- [continue playing and wreck an opponent in any event]

Got the point- [use the tvn toucan, and drive slowly into crowds of people, you need to skewer them. do this 35 times]

Heads And Tails- [you need to split 35 peds in half, just keep driving and killing peds until it pops]

You'll Take Someone's Eye Out With That- [as you take damage double tap triangle to repair. after repairing a certain amount of damage the trophy will pop]

Filled 'Er Up- [ you need to buy and equip 12 parts on the same car, collect sliver tokens and complete the event to earn them.

Slap It In The Slot- [equip any part to a car]

Multiplayer- All my saves have multiplayer complete, but I can not test if they pop or not by doing one takedown, and one win. there are no players online to test. If the saves don't pop it you will have to boost them on a new game.

Multislay Champ- [you need to wreck 75 multiplayer opponents]

MP MegaPeep Mangler- [you need to win 50 online matches]

Part II- Save 1 Slot 1

Total Banker- [finish any event to earn the trophy]

Ooh, You Mean There's more..?- [will pop after you finish any event]

Batwick Will Be... Disappointed- [finish a classic carma event by completing all the laps. use chapter 2 classic carma]

Three Way Action!- [will pop after finishing the previous trophy]

Metal Magling Mutha- [choose chapter 2 classic carma event and wreck all opponents. use the tow truck or any strong vehicle]

Proudly unhinged- [chhose chapter 2 classic carma event and kill all peds, there is an item that reveals all the ped locations] Carmageddon | 'Peds on map' powerup location

Part III- Save 2 Slot 1

Long Distance Runaround- [just start any event and drive around a bit]

Part IV- Save 3 Slot 1

Hood Ornament- [kill 8 more peds and the trophy will pop]

Part V- Save 4 Slot 1

Max Damage- [complete any event, I suggest fox mode]

Fox Me!- [be the fox for 1 second in fox mode]

50 Shades Of Red- [complete any event]

Are We Nearly There Yet?- [complete any event]

Kick Me!- [kill one ped]

Bush Master- [there is one easy smelly bush left, to get the final smelly bush, enter the first event in chapter 15, at the bottom right of the map is a black circle, its in that crater]

Truly A Stunning...- [do one cunning stunt]

You're Once, Twice, 10x A Psycho- [use the electric blue car, and find a group of peds to drive through]

Here In My Cars- [you need to destroy the suppressor found in chapter 15, to get the final car enter the blood on the rooftops event in chapter 15. follow the track and around checkpoint 4 you will see the suppressor cop car on one of the roofs. you need to wreck this car. use the electric blue car and try to get money to purchase power ups to make it easier]

A Mountain Of Meat!- [kill one targeted ped in ped chase]

A Ton Of Tin!- [wreck one opponent in car crusher]

A Load Of Laps!-[complete one lap in a deathrace]

A Century Of Checkpoints!- [hit 1 checkpoint in checkpoint stampede]
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