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[US] Bloodborne 100% saved (all items max, all costumes, all weapons)

Download Name: [US] Bloodborne 100% saved (all items max, all costumes, all weapons) Save [CUSA00900]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: MSD009

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA00900

File Size: 15.87 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This saved has most of the items you can get in bloodborne this includes the costumes, weapons, consumables, maximum level, weapons of the great, stones and blood rock, key elements, the vast majority of blood and rune gems caryll, all the chalices and finally many echoes of blood (65266419)

The saved is exactly in the last battle against Gehrman and I have the 4 umbilical cords so they can make the trophies of the finals with this saved.

Maybe you can make jump another of the trophies that has the game.

To make the finals trophies you need to recharge it saved two or three times if possible.
- 2 times, if the third recharges you want to stay with one of the finals and start a new game from the beginning.
- 3 times, if you want to only get the 3 finals and then return to your usual saved.

"Beginning of childhood" (You have become a great child and will lead humanity to rebirth)
With the 4 umbilical cords you have available in the inventory of objects, you can use them to get the trophy "Beginning of childhood" (You have become a big shoot and you will lead humanity to rebirth)
Only consume the three thirds of Cordon and fight with Gherman, after defeating him you will face the lunar presence and defeating it will witness the end of early childhood.

"Dawn of Yharnam" (You have survived the hunt and you will see another sunrise)
You only have to go to the door of the cemetery, to the right and accept your "offer" to see one of the three finals and get this trophy.

"Fulfill wishes" (Captivated by the presence of the moon, you promise to watch over the hunter's dream)
This time, when Gherman asks you, you should refuse the offer. This will lead to a fight against him.


"Weapon Master" (Get a weapon of the highest level)
Go to the weapons workshop and improve one of the weapons you have available to climb to the maximum level (The weapons that ask for 1 blood rock are with which you can upload them to the maximum level and get the trophy)

"Bloody gems master" (Get an extremely valuable bloody gem)
To obtain it ideally, use one of the following: (Chalice profanado or Great chalice of Pthumeru Ihyll) and create a ritual. When you enter, open all the side doors that you find on the levels of the dungeons until you find one, unless you get it from a boss at the end of a chalice

* Not checked yet but you can try to see if you get the trophy

-For these trophies use the teleportation headstones to go to the place and the trophy you should get it.

"Cainhurst" (Access Cainhurst, the castle lost and in ruins.)
Head through the gravestones to Cainhurst Castle

"The Chorus" (Access to the kingdom of the Choir, the upper echelons of the Church of Healing)
Head through the gravestones to Upper Cathedral Ward

"The source of the dream" (Discover the abandoned old workshop, origin of the hunter's dream)
Head through the gravestones to the old abandoned workshop

"Nightmare Conference Room" (Access the Byrgenwerth school building, which delves into the realm of nightmares)
Go through the gravestones to the school building
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