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[EU] Day of the Tentacle Platinum Save Set [CUSA01959]

Download Name: [EU] Day of the Tentacle Platinum Save Set [CUSA01959]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: xSOADx

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA01959

File Size: 153.04 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:


Slot A: Push service bell [Most Annoying Guest Ever]

Slot B: Open clock [Rap Sheet: Trespasser]

Slot C: Use TV [Energy Conscious]. Then close the door [Not Raised in a Barn]

Slot D : Use Boo-B-Gone (Tipp-Ex) with disappearing ink [And Then the Universe Implodes]

Slot E: Use stamp album to Weird Ed [Olive Branch]. Then use textbook with stamp album [I'm Sure He'd Never Notice]

SLot F: Use computer, start game [Games History Major]

Slot G: Use computer, load game (in computer), load Slot A, turn on microwave oven [Chef]

Slot H: Pick up teeth [Rap Sheet: Thief]

Slot I: Use coffee with decaf coffee [And Then the Universe Explodes]

Slot J: Talk to cigar salesman, choose "Nice cigars", then choose "Sure, lay one of those Havanan babies on me" [Novelty Enthusiast]


Slot A: Use disappearing ink with John Hancock [That Joke Never Gets Old]

Slot B: Use brush with filthy old car [You Call That a Hint?]

Slot C: Use help wanted sign with Red Edison [Moronic Drone]

Slot D : Pick up dentures [Rap Sheet: Kleptomaniac]

Slot E: Use Boo-B-Gone (Tipp-Ex) with red paint (I had to do it twice for the trophy to unlock) – [Missing Pink]

Slot F: Use red paint with kumquat tree – [Only Hoagie Can Make a Tree]

Slot G: Talk to Washington, choose "Whoa, you're like George Washington!", "My name's Hoagie.", "Is it true about you and the cherry tree?", "I bet you've lost it. You couldn't cut down a tree to save your grandmother" [Only George Can Destroy a Tree]

Slot H: Use tentacle chart with patterns [Windsock it to Me]

Slot I: Use scalpel with Oozo the clown [Rap Sheet: Vandal]

Slot J: Talk to IRS Agents, choose "Are you guys brothers?" [We're All Brothers]


Slot A: Open safe [Rap Sheet: Yegg]

Slot B: Use fireplace to travel to roof [WWSCD?]

Slot C: Use/select flag [Costume Quest]

Slot D : Pick up sweater [Of Course it Would Still Weigh the Same]

Slot E: Use fork in microwave [Voiding the Warranty], then use frozen hamster in microwave [Don't Try This at Home], then use cold, wet hamster in microwave [Now You're Pushing It] then use sweater with cold wet hamster, then use toasty warm hamster with Hoagie or Bernard [That Only Works with Alligators]

Slot F: Talk to Mummy, say anything then exit conversation [Are You My Mummy?]

Slot G: Push mummy [It's An Honor Just to Compete]

Slot H: Use chattering teeth with mummy [Can't Win and Chew Gum at the Same Time]

Slot I: Use fake barf with Harold [Rap Sheet: Cheat], then walk right to judging area, talk to them and ask for best hair, smile and laugh [It's an Honor Just to Compete But Winning is Better]

Slot J: Talk to Washington, Jefferson, or Hancock [Alas, Our Lazy Speechwriters Didn't Cover This]


Slot A: Use quill with contract [Rap Sheet: Forger], then use Boo-B-Gone (Tipp-Ex) with contract [Rap Sheet: Fraud]

Slot B: Use regular coffee with funnel [Coffee Achiever]then use contract with Doctor Fred, in the dialogue choose "Oh, forget it. I'll get rid of Purple Tentacle myself!", "I offered Purple Tentacle a bribe and he took it" [Dialog Puzzles Are Hard]

Slot C: Pick up vinegar [Chateau Eau Neaux]

Slot D : Use Boo-B-Gone (Tipp-Ex) with fence [Oh Right, I'm Playing a Cartoon!], then use squeaky mouse toy with cat, then use fork with cat [ESRB Violation]

Slot E: Use shop vac with mouse hole [You Suck]

Slot F: Use extension cord with plug [Number Two],then switch to Hoagie, then use bucket of soapy water with carriage [Obvious, really...]

Slot G: Give gold quill to Red Edison [Behind Every Great Man is a Quality Roadie], then pick up superbattery (on the shelf) [Rap Sheet: Adventure Gamer]

Slot H: Use battery with Chron-o-John [That Should Have Worked], then Use battery with plug [Number One]. After that, stay idle with Hoagie until he eats a sandwich [Dude, It's Like Cannibalism] and after that, swap items between the 3 characters until [Master Plumber] unlocks. after that you switch to Bernard, use the phone [Flush] & [Music Appreciation Award]

Slot I: Talk to Purple Tentacle, choose "Just what is it you have against humans, anyway?", "Sounds like that's all Dr. Fred's fault, really.", "You're pretty handy with that ray gun", "Why don't you zap FRED with the ray gun?"[Yesterday's News] & [Mental Patience]
Then watch the credits through until the end [Take on the Words!]
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