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[EU] One Piece World Seeker Trophy Game Saves + 3DLC's [CUSA14054]

Download Name: [EU] One Piece World Seeker Trophy Game Saves + 3DLC's [CUSA14054]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Captain Harlock

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA14054

File Size: 27.65 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:


i bring my save for One Piece World Seeker which also includes saves for the 3 DLC's.

Here is what you should be able to unlock:

Main Game:

Exploration Strategist: load manual save on chapter 14, talk to Sanji, he'll tell you that Chopper has returned, talk to Chopper and you should unlock trophy.

Go All The Way to the Top!: load manual save on chapter 15, follow the blue mission icon, beat the 2 marine admirals and you should unlock trophy for reaching 100% overall Karma

2 Boss Rush Trophies: load manual save on chapter 14, talk to the robot on the first floor of the Sunny, beat as many Bosses as possible within time limit, should be very easy as you have Luffy fully leveled up and game is on easy difficulty.

Other trophies of Main Game: perform 1 action of each trophy requirement and you should able to unlock other trophies, the only trophy that you cannot unlock is the one for purchassing all skills as unfortunately they are already purchased, there are other saves on NGU to unlock that trophy

Zoro DLC

load manual save and purchase last skill to unlock trophy, load completed save and perform 1 action of each to unlock other trophies, all challenges are already completed with max rank, try completing one of them again to see if trophies unlock, maybe you have to complete a challenge again with max rank to unlock trophies, please test and report back.

Sabo and Law DLC

on both DLC's load completed save, thers is a skill left to buy for the trophy, as in Zoto's DLC try to perform 1 action of each required and try to complete a challenge to see if trophies unlock.
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