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[US] Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Re-Regioned Gamesaves

Download Name: [US] Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Re-Regioned Gamesaves [CUSA05795]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: markl1989

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA05795

File Size: 30.03 MB

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Item description:

Here are all 3 saves from jokillemall thread Re-Regioned to US

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Save 1 Re-Regioned

save 1: obtained complete last world

save 2: flick run, lucky seven, 3000 medals, drop for 100 drop trophy (do the final 4 mission into the coliseum with a star rank)

save 4: continue drop in order to find slidin block ability (need 50 droplets) all command

save 7: 1 2 3 star and Golden Egg creating a star spirit, ability ace turning on the zero exp from ability menu, record keeper and item completition after buying 1 item from the moguri, did one secret portal for the Seekers of Secrets trophy, watched a flashback for the trophy, use one toy on spirit for true trainer, did one dive for the no damage and A rank. doing one special portal with the submission unlock every portal and mission trophy.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Story Saves

-Ursula do by urself, u can't save before
-save 1 kill 1 monster level trophy
-save 2 drop and trophy, buy all the minigames, make 2 spirit and do minigames for 3 trophy and the 3 happy friend trophy
-save 3 drop to sora, enter the door and beat the boss for the world trophy
-save 4 talk to esmeralda and beat boss
-save 5 life saver: let your spirit die then revive
-save 6 enter arena for bicycle trophy, move to the next area after the trophy (the small purple square) and do some hacking for the hacking trophy
-save 7 go on and beat boss
-save 8 beat boss riku
save 9 go on with the story with riku, then do traverse town with sora fight boss and trophy (sorry the save is a little behind cause didn't expect the trophy)
save 10 beat banda bassotti and boss
save 11 beat boss
save 12 union with the bat kill some enemies and u get max affinity trophy

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Save 3
save 1 buy one item for loyal costumer
save 2 (BUGGED) dream pieces collector, find the last pieces just seach epic or wild fantasy i don't remember
save 3 (BUGGED) do the last flick rush round with a star to get star combatant
save 4 (BUGGED) drop to sara and go into grid-dock(upper) take the last recipe for the trophy(i didnt get it), do the spirit for storyteller
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