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[EU] Serial Cleaner - Semi Save Set + Platinum Save File Save

Download Name: [EU] Serial Cleaner - Semi Save Set + Platinum Save File Save [CUSA08112]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: stasya

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA08112

File Size: 15.96 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Save 1
1. Tuned in, TV and Chill, Well Informed, Mommy's Little Boy - continue with the story and listen to the radio, talk to mother, watch TV and read newspaper to pop these.
2. Cleaner's New Threads - leave the area and as soon as new mission starts, this trophy should pop.
3. Well Oriented - when you're on a mission, press L2 to pop this one.
4. Made You Look - this trophy should already be unlocked on this save. You can pick up an evidence, or move a body some place else. When a guard comes to look for a missing item/body, the trophy should unlock.
5. Novice Collector - pick up a hidden collectible to pop this one. Follow this videoguide, if you can't find it.
6. Squeaky Clean - clean all blood spots on a mission. You can chapter select, if you experience any difficulties with the current level. The earliest mission with blood stains is the 3rd one.

Save 2
01. BOOM! Headshot - start the contract 18 and get killed by a guard with a pistol.
02. Stickler - clean up all blood spots in contract 18. NOTE: Squeaky Clean will also unlock, if you haven't popped it yet.

Save 3
01. Body Removal Service - dispose of one more body.
02. Fashion Freak, Expert Collector, Done Cleaning, I Can See Clearly Now - complete the last contract and collect the last collectible. Follow this videoguide, if you can't find it.
03. Here Comes a New Challenger - choose any contract and press L2, pick any challenge and start the mission. The trophy pops as soon as you start the level.

Save 4
01. Nocturnal - choose the 1st contract, press L2 and pick a time challenge in a night-mode. complete the mission to pop the trophy. Challenge Seeker should also pop. If you don't want them to unlock together, play any challenge in daytime mode first to pop Challenge Seeker and then complete a nocturnal contract. NOTE: If you haven't unlock Here Comes a New Challenger yet, I would recommend you to use any other save before this one, as it will also pop on here.

Save 5
01. Moviegoer - complete the last mission in Bonus Contracts.

I haven't tested this one, but it might unlock a bunch of trophies as well apart from collectibles. Use it on your on own risk, if you care about legit order.
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