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[US] Dead Nation Platinum Game Save (All Trophies in 3 Hours)

Download Name: [US] Dead Nation Platinum Game Save (All Trophies in 3 Hours) [CUSA00236]  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA00236

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Item description:

This is my Platinum save at the first checkpoint of the game on Morbid Difficulty with Max Everything. Should take about 3 hours to get all trophies. 9999 Everything makes it extremely easy. Use a collectible guide for Memento Collector if you want (probably make a separate save for it once we can resign on 5.00 firmware).


Step 1: Solo Game, Continue Campaign, Blast Through All 10 Missions While Getting All the Mementos. Take about 1 hr - 1.5 hrs.
*Please note you will have to grab at least 1 armor piece and get all loot in 1 mission too*
*As soon as it loads go to the weapon shop and max out all stats for the Rifle for 2 trophies*
*Easiest to get all loot in the 1st mission*
*Don't pick up any items or it will reset the 9999 to 4 for the item you pick up.

Complete All 10 Missions (14 unmissable trophies pop: 3 difficulty, 10 for completing each mission, and "Contributor")
Kill 1 Zombie ("Zombie Killer", "Zombie Hunter", and "Genocidiary" trophies pop after mission)
Complete Any Mission Without Dying ("Survivor" trophy pops)
Complete Any Mission Without Receiving Damage ("Skilled" trophy pops) Play 1st mission on BrainDead if you have trouble
Perform 1 Headshot ("Aim For the Head" trophy pops after mission)
Perform 1 Melee Kill ("Up Close & Personal" trophy pops after mission)
Blow Up 1 Zombie ("Blown To Bits" trophy pops after mission)
Burn 1 Zombie ("Pyromaniac" trophy pops after mission)
Destroy 1 Vehicle ("Car Killer" trophy pops after mission)
Collect 1 Armor Piece ("Suit Up" and "Top Gear" trophies pop)
Max Out Rifle Stats ("Upgrader" and "Weapon Specialist" trophies pop)
Collect All Loot in Any Mission ("Looter" and "King of Looters" trophies pop after mission)
Collect All Memento in a Single Campaign ("Memento Collector" trophy pops)

Step 2: Complete All 10 Missions in Co-Op Mode on BrainDead
("Double the Action" and "Teamwork" trophies pop)

Step 3: Complete 1st Mission on Undead Difficulty
("Very Dead" trophy pops) May create separate save for this

Step 4: Endless Mode to Round 10 (Has to be done legit sorry guys)
Get to Round 10 ("Still in the Game" and "Never Give Up" trophies pop)
Finish Rounds Fast and Put Turrets Down Near Lots of Enemies and Run ("Keep it Up" and "Combo Master" trophies pop)
Complete 1 Round Co-op without either player taking any damage ("Dynamic Duo" trophy pops)
Find 1 Egogate emblems ("Found 'Em" and "Romero Would Be Proud" trophies pop)
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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