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[US] Tomb Raider DE - Complete Multiplayer Game Save - [CUSA00107]

Download Name: [US] Tomb Raider DE - Complete Multiplayer Game Save - [CUSA00107]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: solidsnoova

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Did you really want yet another Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition game save thread for a save that we currently can't use?!

... thought so. Smile

So, two things... yes, currently, we don't have a way to extract trophies from game saves for the PS4. I know this. No need to fan the hate flames for this, lol. Secondly, and interestingly, Tomb Raider's multiplayer is one of those rare games where your online data isn't save on some mystical server somewhere at Game's Studio Inc., LLC - it is saved as your PROFILE save on your system. Guess what that means? When (and/or IF) we have access to said future technology that allows the use of saves to unlock trophies, you won't have to grind for 15+ hours like I have to earn a few trophies!!! Huzzah!!!

Okay, enough rambling for a bit... here's the save:

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4 Only, US Region):

Multiplayer 100% Save

Well, what do you get with this save? I'll tell ya!!

True Commitment ~ The beast of multiplayer and takes around 15 hours to get legit. It takes 1,771,100 XP to reach Level 60. With this save, I've dropped you off at 1,769,525 XP ... around 1,500 XP from Level 60. Basically, you can get shot in the head a handful of times and garner enough XP, lol. You're welcome. Smile
Shopaholic ~ Just as much of a grind as "True Commitment," here you have to earn many, many Salvage points to be able to buy every weapon upgrade (including the Hitman Absolution weapon upgrades) and every character except the Prestige 2 "The General" character (not needed for this trophy as of a patch for the PS3 version of the old game). With this save, all you have to do is PURCHASE THE LARA CROFT CHARACTER for the trophy, and you've got plenty of Salvage to spare for the purchase. No grinding required!! Go you!!
All other trophies have been earned with this save in multiplayer. So I'm sure - as in other like-minded saves in other games - you would merely have to win one Ranked game for the "I'm All That" trophy, purchase one character for the "Narcissistic" (or, at least, get this when you purchase the Lara Croft character as mentioned previously), reach level 10, kill one more player with a turret for the 20 turret kills trophy, etc. Hopefully, this "do one easy thing for this trophy" will be the case in the future. Smile
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BIG Thanks !!!! Multiplayer trophies should not be a thing lol