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[US] Last of Us Remastered Disc Collectibles and Left Behind Game

Download Name: [US] Last of Us Remastered Disc Collectibles and Left Behind Game Saves  

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Submitted By: Sean

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This thread is for Last of Us Remastered collectibles. I will be putting all of the main game collectibles up by later today. Left Behind collectibles to come within next week. To start off:

Ellies jokes: Do the last Ellie joke, starts 5:57 of this video
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Save- All Ellie's Jokes

Conversations and manuals: last conversation is at 2:22 of this video
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last manual starts at 3:07. Save- Conversations and manuals

Shiv doors and pendants- Open the last shiv door at 0:36 of video:
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last pendant is behind there as well. Save- Shiv doors and pendants

comic books-
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Continue video for last comic book. Save- Artifacts and Comic Books

Artifacts: Chapter select lakeside resort and the hunt and when game loads press touchpad and look at artifacts tab and note to mom (you must read the front and flip to back and read it all until ellie says something. Save- Artifacts (Complete)

and here is a let's gear up! save provided by revengeofakuma:

Save for For Emergenices Only- Credit to xB-Crafty.

This is an all in one rar file all the saves needed to 100% Left Behind.
I wasn't thinking and it has profile save from after all was done so not sure if the trophies will pop from the saves now, if they don't then try not copying profile to your ps4 when you copy the saves. If they don't then I'm very sorry and I made save set for nothing (besides miscellaneous).
Brick throwing contest- Load Save 2 and hit all the windows on the red car. Very easy.
All conversations (and maybe artifacts), arcade trophies- Load Save 3 and continue collecting starting from 10:24 in the video
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When you go up escalator you go through the arcade and can do the two arcade trophies... play the jak racing in left back corner and do angel knives perfect in the middle right.
Water gun fight- Load save 5 and soak riley best 2 out of 3, if you fail reload save, this might be before the last 1 or 2 artifacts as well but I don't think so, but artifacts easy with save 3.
Survivor- Load save 6 and simply run to end and do a couple QTEs, trophies pop after credits and back at main menu.

And that's it guys save set is COMPLETE. with saves from this site you will be able to 100% US last of us except online trophies must do yourself.
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